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Old 08-31-2014, 11:54 PM   #1
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forgot what all i have in my 200 gallon tank

so i figured over the next week ill be doing a head count.

1 17 inch sailfin pleco
1 2.5 inch royal blue discus
1 small rainbow shark
1 2 inch upside down catfish
3 1.5 inch albino corys
10 neon tetras
4 glow light tetras i think
4 buenos Aires tetras
2 mickey mouse platies
1 dalmation molley
4 hatchet fish
1 flame dwarf gournomi
6 penguin tetras
3 asian cichlids
5 black skirt tetras
4 glow tetras
5 zebra danios
10 ish ottos
3 guppies
2 sunburst mollies?
4 most likely more dwarf neon rainbowfish
6 turquoise rainbowfish
6+ bosemani rainbowfish
5 Madagascar rainbowfish
20+ ghost shrimp
1 bamboo shrimp i cant find have not seen him since putting him in tank. ive even moved everything the last 2 WCs still cant find him

i know im undercounting all the rainbowfish just so hard to count them as the move soo fast.

currently refilling tank after weekly 50 percent water change

im worried i might be overstocked i have 2 404s and emperor 400 and a sponge filter as well as a few java ferns and anubus plants cant wait till they take off and cover everything. ill put up a pic once im finished with the water change. water test great 15 nitrates 0 ammonia and nitrite. run the tank at 80 degrees.
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Old 09-01-2014, 12:17 AM   #2
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You have a crazy stock list there. It looks good aside from the lone discus. They prefer warmer waters, need to be kept in a school, and your nitrates are a bit high for them. Might be a good idea it to rehome him. Not to mention some of the tank mates are a bit nippy for him.

Try plugging them in to aqadvisor to see what it says about your stock level.

"The simplest explanation for some phenomenon is more likely to be accurate than more complicated explanations." -Occam's razor
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Old 09-01-2014, 12:38 AM   #3
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nothing nips at the discus surprisingly he does more of the nipping. i had 2 more discus but unfortunately they were DOA never buying fish online again bastards want more to ship the replacements than the originals. I have a hard time keeping nitrates down (.25 ammonia out of the tap)i want to add more plants but i dont know what to add that will stay rooted and uneaten in the mediums sized gravel.

i am considering to try something pretty crazy so i can add a planted sump to the tank tank is not drilled dont want to put an overflow kit on it but i think i can redneck a system with a marineland 350. The idea is to drill out a bulkhead on the bottom of the filter and have 30 gallon tank with a sealed lid (ie. silicone a piece of glass on the top of the 30) and have the water that the 350 is pumping go through the sealed system only problem is maintaining the sump tank and possibly not getting jack for water in it.

im open to ideas i have a few empty tanks i could use for a sump i just worry about a pond in my living room. ive never set a pump up before but id like one for my 200 gallon and it would be awesome to have it planted with a day night cycle oppisite of the display tank.
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Old 09-01-2014, 12:44 AM   #4
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oh yeah i forgot to mention the guppies, mollies, platies, tetras, rainbow shark, gournomi, and sailfin pleco was the wife and kids fault they adopted them off craigslist while i was away without my consent. luckily the pleco seems to leave everyone alone minus my plants that lose leaves as he tears his way through
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Old 09-07-2014, 10:53 PM   #5
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so i just BEFORE i did my weekly water change i decided to test my water to make sure everything was alright mainly hoping for low nitrate.

test results showed 0 ammonia nitrites and nitrates. thinking i was wrong i double tested again and even went to the lfs and they had the same readings. I am now wondering if i could add a 3 or 4 more discus safely. my java fern and anubius seem to be growing very well and have plenty of space to continue growing. my green algea has even started retreating after finally fetting a timer on my lights i run them 12 hours a day.

I could also use some advice as far as plants i could add to this tank knowing there is an 18" pleco inside.
200 gallon community tank
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Old 09-08-2014, 12:58 AM   #6
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You could always get plants in pots and bury the pots in the substrate. Crypts come in various shades of green and reddish colors and would look nice. Just an idea.

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tank, gallon, tan

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