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Giant Danios

Alrighty folks... I had some baby danios about a month ago I think it was... I thought they were something else like a parasite lol... Phew... Anyway I have what seems like 3 females that are larger than the male... so I have a 3:1 ratio it seems. My water ph is 7.6 and temp of 80°F. On live aquaria it says Tank Conditions: 72-75°F; pH 6.0-7.0; KH 8-12

Live Aquaria also says, "An egg layer, the Giant Danio is stimulated to spawn by sunlight. After roughly 300 eggs are produced, hatching occurs within 36 hours. Fry should be fed fine pieces of live foods."

Anyway they obviously like having babies anyway. I feed frozen bloodworms every once in a while... Cichlid pellets, flake foods, and beefheart recipe. They eat everything... Seems like they swim constantly and swim by the cichlids and eat from the droppings out of their gills. lol These guys are doing great and are all over a half inch I believe... I only have 16 survivors. I found them in my cannister filters, so I'm sure most the eggs were either eaten or just never hatched. Well i'm done here so here are some pics.

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that's wonderful, good job and congrats!
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How big were the eggs? I put three Giant Danios in my 75G by themselves. This is a planted tank with Java Moss in the bottom. The danios went nuts chasing each other all over the tank, and within 24 hours (after I'd removed the Giant Danios and restocked the tank) I noticed 1/16inch eggs in the Java Moss and on a few other plants. I went out and bought a 10 gallon tank and set it up as a fry tank.

I used water from the 75G for the tank, put the Java Moss in the 10G, and turned the heat up to 78 degrees F. My 75G is at 74 degrees.

Thing is, when I noted the eggs, I had just taken the Danios out and put them in a 20G, and completely restocked the 75G with community fish. 10 Zebra Danios, 10 Black Neon Tetras, 10 Penguin Tetras, 10 Harlequin Rasboras, 8 Gold Barbs, 4 Kuhli Loaches, 2 Skunk Cories, and 2 Otocinclus.

I'm trying to figure out just what I have here......
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danio, danios, giant danio, giant danios

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