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Help, Please!

I need help! I have a 125 gallon freshwater tank, which has been extremely healthy for the fish. Recently I added plants, with 384 watt light, CO2 injection, timers, and so on. Added plants. I had a major algae growth, which was cured with Algae Fix for planted tanks. Plants did not look well, excessive algae growth again, and a high nitrate level. I did 3 partial water changes with in a week adding SeaChem's Neutral Regulator. Nitrate level down to 20. Greenish cloudy water returned. Added two doses of Algae Fix within a week. Water still cloudy. Added two doses of cloudy water clarifier. Water still cloudy. Right now I am in completing a 4 day blackout, with CO2 off. But now this week my fish are dying. Monday I lost 6 fish in one day and so far have lost 12 or more fish this week. Both fish and plants are dying. I have a pH of 7.0, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and still about 20 nitrate. What is wrong? What can I do? I am planning on another partial water change today, but what else?

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Hi - your best place for this is in the Planted Tanks forum so I'll answer there.

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Do you know what your phosphate levels are? You'll need a test kit for that, for sure, with a planted tank. Also, what are your GH and KH? You can use the GH number along with your pH to calculate how much CO2 is in there. Your pH is pretty high with pressurized CO2 so I'm thinking that not alot of the CO2 is getting (or staying) in the tank. Do you run any airstones? They will gas out the CO2 pretty quickly.

Also, I would not add any more chemicals such as the Algae fix or water clarifier. These almost always cause more problems than they solve. Adding more chemicals is usually not a good thing.

With 3 wpg and pressurized CO2, you need to be adding fertilizers to your tank. I think there is a good sticky on this at the top of the planted tank forum page. If your nutrient levels are out of whack you'll get algae, both on the plants and in the water (green water). These imbalances need to be fixed and then the algae problems will then usually go away on their own.

Hope this helps...I just noticed joannde's response so hopefully you'll get plenty of help in the planted tank forum.
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