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Old 05-19-2012, 02:32 AM   #1
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Large goldfish aquarium

One thing my three goldies have taught me over the months (going on a year now) is that they are deceptively needy, but it always feels worthwhile. It's nice knowing that my fish actually recognize me and look forward to simple things like feeding. Saltwater and fancy freshwater fish would be nice, but I wouldnt be surprised if I decide to have goldfish from now on.

Right now this forum is just for something fun to look forward to (my budget a the moment is extremely limited), but I'm wanting to hear what some goldfish-only aquarium owners (colony) have to say- anything- about this sort of aquarium.

I've seen on youtube videos of peoples' 100+ gallon aquariums with several fancies in it. There seem to be a lot of debates that occur over the issue of the number of goldies per several gallons. I've read about some people successfully keeping 9 or 10 fancies in a 150 gallon tank without any issues over time, whereas others wrote about reluctantly keeping 5 in that amount of water. What's one to go by with this sort of thing?

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The general rule of thumb is 20g for the first and 10g for each fish after that but of course the more water per fish the better. So for 100g you could keep up to 9 fancy goldfish with sufficient filtration and water changes.

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Mumma is 100% right. I made this mistake a few months back and had some in a 29 gallon. Three fantails and a koi (koi was a temp until we got our pond built) I was having to do 50% water changes every four days because my tank couldn't keep up with the bio load. I just couldn't keep up with them. I wish I had found this app before I had even bought the goldies, would have saved allot of trouble
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Agreed with all stated above......I love all aquatics really but have a sentimental fondness for goldfish. I am sure you find them very frustrating at times but very rewarding all the time. I feel they are the most interactive fish you can own but my opinion is biased since I love them so much. Yes they are hardy fish but do require more maintenance. Tank size and filtration I have learned is the key to a healthy tank. You need very aggressive filtration with goldfish. 10 times the filtration for the size of your tank. I started with a 15 gallon then to a 29 and have maxed out with a 55. I will have 4 total in my 55 fully stocked. I have had my three for close to three years now. I have made so many mistakes with them over the years as well but continue to learn. If you do eventually upgrade I suggest keeping your old tank for a QT/hospital tank. I didn't think this was necessary at first but, treating a 29 gallon with meds vs. a 55 gallon is a big price difference. Good luck to you finding your perfect set up. My pockets are small as well so I understand how frustrating it can be to want to get a bigger tank. Be patient and keep your ears and eyes open. I happen upon my 55 by luck for 50$ tank stand and assorted equipment.
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Can you keep 9 or 10 fancies in a 100g tank? Yes, its not quite ideal though. 9 or 10 fancies in a 150g is more forgiving. More water for these guys, the better! The issue is that fancies have the potential to grow MUCH larger than anyone realizes. A single full grown moor or oranda or fantail (raised in optimum conditions) can be over a foot long & as big around as a coffee can. A would not keep a fish this size in anything smaller than a 55-75g with no other fish. I think people fail to realize how big goldfish can grow- seeing that tiny little 1 or 2inch baby swimming around lulls people into thinking they have plenty of room for more goldies without taking into consideration their potential adult size. Just my thoughts on the matter anyway! Goldies truly do have 'puppy-dog' personalities!!!
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