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Neon Tetra Fin Rot?

I posted last week about losing two batches of 5 Neon Tetras in about 24 hours. I waited a week during which I did two 50% water changes. Before the last water change water was 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite and <5ppm Nitrate. I picked up seven Neons, they gave me two extra, and I acclimated them using the drip method over the course of two hours last night. When I put them in the tank two had apparent swim bladder issues right away and died overnight. Of the remaining 5 things look ok except two have what lools like fin rot, on on the tail and the other on the dorsal and tail. Is this stress induced? The water has not changed over night, but I will change it daily. I figure a move to a QT will probably kill them anyway. Melafix? There is a Clown Pleco in the tank will it hurt him? There is also a Guppy in the tank that is a pain about being nippy. She seems to follow them around, but I haven't seen her attack them. These are my first "little" fish, looking for opinions.

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Put them into a QT for sure to save your other fish from fin rot. Keep the water bery clean 40% PWC dailey

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If it truly is finrot, clean water will cure it.

That guppy may very well nip at the sick ones. Instead of moving all the neons to QT, you should move the guppy and pleco instead.

Finrot is caused by dirty water and cured with clean water. If the tank they are in is clean (had regular weekly PWC and is free of ammonia, nitrite and has low nitrates) the finrot WILL NOT spread to the existing fish. However, the neons could be carrying other diseases or paracites that are contagious. Melafix won't hurt the situation a bit.

As you have a QT tank, you should ALWAYS QT new fish for three weeks or so before adding them to your main tank.

Even lively, healthy looking fish can be harboring parasites that are not visible at first take.
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The tank was a cycled growout tank for Platy fry. I removed the fry and added the Pleco and Neons together, I had trouble acclimating the Neons, took three tries. I have guppies in the QT waiting to go in this tank. The logic was Neons and Pleco together and Guppies in QT. If there was no trouble in the new tanks add the guppies in a week or two if they are healthy. The random guppy was moved over when I couldn’t acclimate the Neons. She had been living in the QT for 8+ weeks alone, she came with a batch that all died in QT. She was nipping at the new guppies and I really had no other place for her. Incidentally she dropped fry in the new tank after being alone in QT for over two months. Anyway the water in the new tank is very good and the white is already gone from the damaged fins. I will keep after the water and hope they heal.

Jason with the trouble I had acclimating the Neons they cannot be moved again anytime soon. The guppy and Pleco would take the move easier that is a good idea Mudraker. I am pretty jammed up for space, but if it comes to that I will do it that way.
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fin, fin rot, neon, neon tetra, rot, tetra

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