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Question New enthusiast seeks advice

I've got the bug! lol - a little history and current status.

Was given a small 10 gallon tank, had some fish in it, cause a friend couldnt take care of it any more. had a huge snail and algae problem, but the guppies seemed very hardy. cleaned up tank and added extra filtration, added a few sailfin Mollies, and the tank has been running great and the mollies are reproducing well. I was hesitant to take the tank because I had never had luck with fish as a kid.

Now, within the last year and a half, I have added more and bigger tanks.

First of my own to get and set up was the 20 gallon - I set it up over a year and half ago, and have lost very few fish, as I have figured more filtration is better. I started off in the 20 gallon with a 60 gallon on-the-back filter, in addition to a powerheaded undergravel filter with an air pump in it for extra air introduction. Now it has a 120 gallon canister fileter in addition to the original equipment.

Current Contents of the tank:
Hatchetfish, goldfish feeders that showed interesting coloration, Mixed fruit tetras, black Kuli loaches, Albino Kuli Loaches, Clown loaches, Weather loaches, Green Moss and regular Tiger Barbs, 3 large Silver Dollars, Platy/Moons that are on thier 3-4th generation, some neat effects showing. neons, banjo cats, Kerri/Emperor tetras, Pleco, and cory cat. some of them will be moving to the 220 Im currently setting up. pic in albums, more pics t come.

Next tank is the 29 Gallon -
This tank has suffered several mechanical issues and many pieces of equipment have had to be replaced often. On the back is 60 Gallon cartridge filtration, with 120 Gallon Canister filter, and power headed undergravel filtration (pics in Album)

Current residents:
feeder golds for 14 In Clown Knife (which will be moving shortly to his new 220 Gallon) Koi Angel, Armored Albino Pleco, Botias Loach, Kuli loaches, 2 Large Lace Catfish, 2 medium large Clown Loaches, DragonFish, Red Tailed Shark, Patriot Crab, Regal Bronze Cory Cat.

Newest Tank is a 84x24x24 220 gallon tank. Ive had water in it and cycling for 2 months. water finally cycled a couple weeks ago and has since gone crystal clear. Now i have seen larger tanks such as : YouTube - ‪Henward's 1200 Litre Monster tank‬‏

which I think this tank looks awesome, but the Clown Knife's looks beat on thier fins. I have a really nice and not scarred Clown Knife, and i am looking for tank mates to go in with it. I see people posting crap all the time and then other people saying you cant put those together, but it seems to some how work. In addition to my large lace cats, the clown knife and the 3 large silver dollars, what could I put into the tank that you have experience with getting along well. I have been considering an Arrowana, and other fish that I see at www.aquascapeonline.com like the flowed sting ray, and some others, but i dont want to invest in a fish fight. Some have said that the arrowana and the knife will fight but i have seen several videos of them as being tank mates.


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The majority of my friends that keep them have them in with their larger SA/CA cichlids like jack dempseys, oscars, convicts, green terrors and such, but stay away from the more aggressive ones like jags, festae, blackbelts, and trimacs. Clowns are relatively peaceful and IMO really don't go looking for a fight, so unless you stock some hyper aggressive fish I'm sure he'll be fine, thy have poor eyesight too which seems to help keep their mellow behavior.

Next I would also bump up the stocking levels with your silver dollars, they are shy and skittish when not stocked with numbers over five with seven being even better.

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The silver dollars had a group of 7, but 4 of them died: one jumped from the tank, 2 died after a Powerhead started pushing the water through the intake and back into the air pump, which drained 90% of the tank, and the other I put down, as he was the only fish in the tank to chronically get disease, and he was endangering the rest of the tank. Consistantly got Ich, which no other fish in the tank would, and then started getting a large black spot behind his eyeball on both sides, which looks a little like plague, but as soon as that showed, he was removed.
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220 gallon, clown knife, fishtank, river monsters, tank mates

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