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Help! Migrating tanks 3Gal > 26Gal

Dear All,

After 70 days of trialing, learning, setting up and planting I am ready to transfer my fish from the old 3 gallon tank to the new 26 gallon tank. They'll be so happy! Well that is the plan

The new tank is just been planted yesterday, and I am injecting with Co2 and adding nutrients. This a cool animation of the tank be planted yesterday: Click here

The inhabitants of the 3 gallon tank presently are:

- x2 Ember Tetra
- x2 Lampeye
- x2 Celestrial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora)

Youtube clip taken today here

I have some concerns and some questions. Firstly the lampeye seem to be very bullish towards each other. One always attacks the other. They are male and female. They produced eggs which hatched a few weeks ago. The fry didnt survive even though I sectioned them off (though thats another story).

The Galaxy Rasbora's seem ok, but they too seem to chase each other around the tiny tank. Though the bullying is far less (if it is bullying and not mating) that with the Lampeye.

The Ember Tetra seem rather uninterested in everything, including food and each other. They are like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh

None of the different species attacked each other, this horse play is contained to their own kind only.

I have compared the PH and temp of both tanks.

3G PH: 7.4
26G PH: 7.5

3G Temp C: 24
26G Temp C: 24

I plan to transfer them and as the PH is similar, that in theory should reduce their stress?

Is it a problem that the Lampeye are so aggressive towards each other? Well one agressive to the other, its not reciprocated. One is like a peaceful Buddhist, the other is like a angry teenager with no manners

Is this agression likely because they need to be in larger groups, like 6 of each kind? Or would they likely be mating?

The Co2 cuts off at night using a solenoid in the 26 gallon (no co2 in the 3G). Last night as it shut off the PH registered 7.2. When I checked this morning, it was 7.5. Would this upset the fish?

I exepct as the plants gather strength (only just planted) they will produce more (acidic) Co2 overnight as they respire, and therefore the PH should not change too much when the injected supply is turned off as times goes on. Plausible theory?

Over the past 70 days, the fishless cycle has completed beautifully, I am adding a few drops of 35% pure ammonia everyday just to feed nitrosomonas and nitrobacter. The present levels of Ammonia and Nitrite are zero.

Anyway, they are the conditions. Would it be feasible to transfer all the fish into the new tank? How can I overcome the bullying, and any other advice would be gratefully accepted

Thank you for reading

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I would get more of each, at least 4 more of each to complete the schools. All of those are schooling fish and will feel more secure with more of their own kind, particularly the CPDs and Embers. The aggression should level out then too. From the looks of things it looks like you're ready to transfer them.
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