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Unexpected fish....

Brief background....

After doing the research and asking questions here online, I decided against having Discus in my aquarium. I decided against it for the cost factor. I have no problem spending the money on a larger tank, supplies, etc. I did have a problem with spending $40 + (here in Atlanta) for a beautiful fish, that I could potentially either kill, or have die on me, despite my best efforts. And needing a good school of 5 or more, that's $200 + I didn't want to *flush down the toilet*. (pun intended, but I never flush dead fish.....they go in the trash, inside a zip lock bag).

So, on Saturday, during my "rounds" to all of the lfs and super stores, I came across Blue Rams. I had researched them as well, as companions for Discus. Well, the local "super store" didn't have the Rams listed in their price book, so the guy was selling them for $1.99 a piece. Well, I couldn't pass that up, these little fishes were beautiful, and had tons of character, and as it was closing time and finding quality Rams is difficult here, I bought all 5 of them. They were just around an inch each, and I figured with 5, I had a pretty good chance of getting a pair.

Yeah I know....impulse buying is bad.

Well, I get them home, and go to QT them, and 'lo and behold, my heater in the Q tank is dead. So, I *had* to put them in my main tank as I don't have another backup heater (online order to follow soon). So, all goes well, and all 5 Rams are tickled to be in my 30 gal tank. Well, now it is Tuesday, and this morning what did I found inside my "cave" jar? EGGS!!!!! Evidently, I have a pair, as both are guarding the eggs, fanning them, etc. Now, 2 of the remaining 3 have paired off, and I'm soon to have fry if all goes well.

So, these are my questions? Should I remove the parents and eggs, or just the eggs? I know 2 breeding pair in a 30 gal is asking for trouble.

I'm taking down the Q tank to clean it and ready it for fry. Or should I move the other pair to that tank? It's a 29 gallon, and heavily planted as well. If these eggs don't hatch, should I move those parents to a new tank? I was thinking an Eclipse 12? Would that be large enough for the single breeding pair?

BTW, current tank parameters are: temp 80 F, 0 ammonia, nitrite, 10 ppm nitrate, pH 6.9-7.1, KH3, GH2.8, and other tank mates are 8 bloodfin tetras, 7 blue tetras, 2 corys, 1 oto, all 1.5 inches or less.


P.S., if the fry survive to adulthood, I'll have some Rams for sell in the Atlanta area.

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since there small the two pairs should be fine in a 30gal, i would remove the one thats left out, i wouldnt remove the fry, thats the best part about cichlids is when the breed, you can watch them defend there babys and herd them around in a little school, your biggest worry is the other fish trying too eat the fry but the parents wil take care of that, i wouldnt recomed moving the parents and there fry too the other tank unless your ready for a lot of work in catching the little guys if they havnt hatched then the parents may not take too the eggs whenin the new tank and the change in the water may kill the eggs, the fry are very delicate.
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