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The down low on biopellets and nitrate removal

100% pure bio pellets, Which is all we sell at www.purelyh2o.com, help remove nitrate and phosphate from your Reef saltwater aquarium so these nutrients are not available to algae and other organisms. The process is to convert the nitrate and phosphate in the reef aquarium water into bacteria cells that are then removed from the aquarium by a protein skimmer or cleaning your mechanical filter. Nitrate and phosphate are nutrients and can only be removed by water changes with a Reverse Osmosis or RODI Filter System or by having some organism consume it. In most aquariums without plants as competitors, algae will consume the nitrate and phosphate resulting in a tank full of unwanted and unsightly algae. In a great deal of marine aquariums cyanobacteria, which grows like a red to black carpet over the entire aquarium, will consume the nitrate and phosphate.

To grow algae and bacteria you need carbon, nitrogen (nitrate) and phosphorus (phosphate). Studies show that many man made reef aquarium environments lack the right form of carbon for bacterial growth but 100% pure Biopellets NP Active Pearls are a natural carbon source beneficial bacteria can use.NP-Active Pearls are best used in a High Flow Biopellet Reactor or similar device where the pearls are kept in constant motion. It is important to maintain sufficient water flow as the bacteria do consume oxygen. If clogging occurs clean the reactors and rinse the beads before re-starting your reactor system.As these good bacteria grow they remove the nitrate and phosphate from the water basically out competing the algae for the nitrate and phosphate. NP-Active Pearls are a pure, specially made biodegradable carbon for use in aquaria. They are polymers with the technical name poly hydroxyalkanoates commonly referred to as PHA. PHAs are made from bacteria so they are truly 100% natural and completely biodegradable into carbon dioxide and water.

Other competitors bio-pellets unfortunately are made from such polymers as hydroxybutyric acid (PHB), polylactic acid (PLA) and polybutyleneadipate-co-butyleneterepthalate (PBAT). In addition, other bio-pellets may not be as pure as Dr Tims Biopellets. The main use of all biodegradable polymers is to make biodegradable products such as forks, knifes, plates etc. In order to do this, however, the polymer must be combined with binders, fillers and other things. NP-Active Pearls are free of all these impurities they cannot be used to make biodegradable products. It is important to note: Other bio-pellet companies do not disclose the source or purity of their pellets for such reasons!


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Bio pellets are pretty great!
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