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african dwarf frog questions

I have had African dwarfs before, and they and snails were my favorite to watch so i wanted to have just a tank
with them and snails pretty much in it, maybe just one or 2 fish.
but i dont want them to escape or starve,
1) is there any fish that would be ok with them that wouldnt take all the food before they get it or should i just have them in a tank with no fish ?

2)im also worried about them escaping i have a lid but there is a gap in the back between the partition wall and the filter chambers in the fluval flex 15 gallon tank i have, if anyone has the same tank and has frogs was it ok ?

3) will the frogs eat shrimp ?

and 4) is there anything i should do to ensure the frogs do well? i read they can be sensitive ?

*The one thing i do know is they are kinda dumb with food, and i should put a dish in the tank to drop food into for them.

I wanted kuhli loaches but i dont think my tanks big enough so i scratched that plan.

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People say that bettas can go with frogs because their long flowing fins make them slower allowing the frogs to get to food easier. They need the same heat requirements as a betta as well.
You can try feeding it a diet of live/frozen blood worms and target feed it (with tongs). The betta will also appreciate the worms.
You could also try guppies (only add 1 gender to prevent babies).
The frog may eat any shrimp or snails.
Also i had a tank that had a hole in the top and just cu a piece of cardboard to cover it. No fish escaped from the tank. You could also just try having floating plants but you have to make sure your frog can still get air.
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1.) They can live with a variety of different species of fish. Pretty much any peaceful community species that don't have super long flowy fins! I have a otocinclus catfish, a dwarf gourami, and a Dalmatian lyretail Molly, and 2 red minor tetra with my 3 ADFs & they all get along great!
Through research when I got my ADFs I've learned that the following fish are compatible tank mates for ADFs: guppies, mollies, plates, dwarf gourami, corydoras, danios, tetras, shrimp (I think most any species is fine, but everything I've read tends to emphasize cherry, ghost, & bamboo), mystery snails, and bettas (females are recommended because they tend to be less aggressive & don't have as long of fins).
It is recommended that you don't put Cichlids or kohl loaches with them.

2.) I have a ~2.5" gap on my lid, where my hanging filter was before I got my sponge filters, & haven't had any issues with them escaping. Although, every time one is hiding from me in the tank I temporarily freak out thinking it escaped LOL!

3.) I've had 3 ghost shrimp & a mystery snail with my ADFs & while they all lasted a few months, the frogs did end up eating the shrimp eventually! I had bought them specifically for that purpose when I went out of town & was worried about my froggies starving, but they didn't eat them on that trip & I really grew to love those cute little ghost shrimp more & more.. like at the same rate they grew lol! 2 of the 3 got literally as big as an adf so I'm still baffled that they were able to eat them!! I was not there to witness it though.
Everything you will read will say that ADFs won't eat snails. I guess I'm one of the few unfortunate ones bc I got back to my office one Monday morning & there was a empty snail shell in my tank with literally no trace of the gastropod ever existing!! I don't know if it died on its own & then the little fatties ate it, or if they went after Gary while he was alive..

4.) I have found my little community to be fairly easy to take care of. People had me worried that maintaining water conditions in a 15 gallon tank would be be difficult, but I haven't had any issues at all. I use the API 6-in-1 test strips to test the water before & after water changes.
Make sure your tank is cycled before you purchase your frogs. I have a corner dish {like one for a reptile tank..you can see it in the attached pic} that I feed them in. They come RIGHT to it when I drop the frozen brine shrimp in to feed them! I have gravel substrate & was worried about them eating it so that's why I got the dish & also feed them with a turkey baster. Little suckers are more blind than I was before I got Lasik!!
Hope this info was helpful & you enjoy your new little goofballs!
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