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Simplest way to make a isolated cup for hermit crabs~ ENJOY!!!

Hello, this is sholi, and i have one of the simpllist ways to do an isolated tank for land hermit crabs. I know there will be some "unwanted" comments but i have did this for 5 years 10 times to 5 hermit crabs and they all have lived well and are active and beautiful.

For all who is concerened about land hermit crab and their isolation tanks, this is problably one of the easiest way to do an isolated tank.

So here it goes!!!

Key terms (to make the writing shorter):
-mhc=molting hermit crab
-isoT=isolation tank

The materials needed:
-about 2-3 shells 10%-15% bigger than the molting hermit crab
-drinking water (or specific water due to species of hermit crab)
-1 WHOLE eg
-1 dish for drinking water
-REMEMBER to add their shedded skin into the isotank
-1 clean bucket or clean cup BIG enough to fill all of the materials, and enough space for the mhc to walk around (just enough to turn its body around in a 360 motion), and the isoT should be tall enough to not let the mhc escape
-1 book (or flat item) big enough to cover 3/4 of the bucket with NO transparent light


1)First, put the mhc and its shedded skin in the bucket provided
2)Add drinking water in the water dish and put it in the isoT
3)Add the eg in the isoT (i dont reccomend a dish for the eg because the mhc will drag the food into different places and eat the eg at different spots)
4)add the shells in the cup
5)cover 3/4ths of the top of the bucket with your flat item (to leave a little space for oxygen
6)Double check in the isoT to see if there are enough space for the hermit crab to get access to all of the equipment in the isoT and a spot big enough for the mhc to do a complete 360 turn.
7)Place the isoT in a dark area
8)Now all you do now is, wait.
Things for you to check daily;
*To see if the water has ran out, if there is no more water, add more.
*To see if there is no more food for the mhc, no more, add more eg
*To see if the mhc has eaten, drank, and walked around the isoT.
9)If you have seen the mhc eat, drink, AND walked around, (or noticed signs of these actions) wait for 2 more weeks for the mhc to relieve itself.
10)After 2 weeks after you have seen the mhc eat, drink, AND walk around, place the mhc back in its cage to start living on with its new skin!!!! You're finally finished.

Tips of mhc:
*If you seen the mhc out of its shell when it started molting in its home tank, just put the mhc in its isoT with its shells AND its old shell. Your mhc will go in one of the shells in about 10-60 minutes (if all of the shells are clean obviously).
*No substrate should be added because the substrate will scratch the mhc new sensitive skin
*DO NOT touch the skin of the mhc (its HIGHLY fragile)
*If you REALLY want to; you can heat up the isoT but since there is no substrate, i do not reccomend a heater for the isoT. but if you want to, you can try to find out a way to heat up the isoT.
*The enviroment created for this isoT is what i call, "A Hermit crab's immitated Burrow." Because during a mhc molting phase, they tend to be stressed and wanting to be be alone and this isoT is an almost complete immitation of a hermit crab's burrow when it is molting because of the little whole opened at the top of the isoT (which is the oxygen hole) which it thinks is the hole it buried into the ground when trying to make a burrow. (If you know what i mean.)
*Please do not let the mhc stay for more than 2 weeks when you see the mhc eat, drink, and walk around. I once obsessed and let my mhc stay in for the isoT a month and it died after.
*If you have only 2 hermit crabs in your tank, and ONLY plan to use the isolation tank technique when you have a molting hermit crab, please get one more hermit crab because if you seperate both of the hermit crabs when one molts, the hermit crab in your home tank will stress and die within short time and then you'll have to waste money buying 2 more hermit crabs (learning how lonely hermies get when one is molting if you only have 2 hermies) when you could've bought 1 more hermit crab instead. A little tip for all who reads this. X)

My picture examples of the isoT:

~The isoT is very messy, but that is expected due always picking the mhc out and cleaning it and putting her back in, which can ABSOLUTLEY stress her more. But after the isoT usage, she will be bathed.
~She tends to not go to the other natural shells i gave her (so thats why she is in a painted shell which i really want her to go into a natrual shell, but she seems comfortable in that shell, -and she was in that shell when we purchased her). so i took the other shells out to make more space for her to pace around, but taking the shells out is NOT reccomended.
~The sign on the flat item (cover of the isoT) says, "DO NOT TOUCH". As my family are curious of my hermit crabs. (if anyone was wondering)
~Yes, i did use a, "Martha's cookie jar." But which i cleaned throughly after setting the isoT up. (if anyone was also wondering).

But anyways, thanks for reading this review and I hope your hermit crab has a happy loving life!!!!!!!!!

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This seems like a pretty good idea
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Originally Posted by Raygator View Post
This seems like a pretty good idea
WOW i posted this like 3 months ago and ur the first reply..BUT THABNX!!! XD
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Ha no problem
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crab, crabs, cup, hermit, hermit crab, hermit crabs

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