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Old 02-12-2017, 10:53 PM   #1
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55g Set-Up Help Needed

Hello all, I have a 55 gallon tank and stand that I would like to turn into an aquarium. Both tank and stand have no issues however that's all I have. I need everything else and would like some general knowledge on where to go from here.

I have done some research already and have a few general ideas but would prefer to hear it from other enthusiasts as well.

What I basically want is:
• multiple varieties not one single type
•don't really care for mollies or the similar types.
•a good filter that really helps the tank
•a good lid/light setup. I do have a cat.
•General tank setup info
•suggested compatible fish

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


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Old 02-13-2017, 09:16 PM   #2
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Hello and welcome to the fishkeeping hobby! It's quite an addicting one that I'm sure you'll grow to love. A 55 gallon is an excellent size tank to start out with! It depends what type of fish you're specifically looking for when it comes to stocking

Many varieties of small schooling fish- neons, other tetras, guppies, etc
Or a few species of larger fish- angelfish, gouramis, small cichlids etc

Some fun fish to have would be a pair of angels, a gourami (as they're super colorful and personable little creatures), Cory cats, German blue rams, and any larger non-nippy species of tetra. You could also create a dwarf cichlid tank as there are many peaceful and compatible species of dwarf cichlids which are beautiful and interesting little fish to observe. A light isn't 100% necessary unless you plan to have a planted tank (which I highly recommend). If you choose to do a planted tank, which has many benefits including a natural environment and keeping good water quality, then a powerful high quality bulb will be needed according to the species of plant which you plan to keep. A good lid that includes a light fixture can be bought at just about any pet store and will fit most standard tanks, so that can easily be sorted out. As for filters, I always recommend choosing a filter that is made for a tank 10-20 gallons larger than the one you have. So if you had a 50 gallon tank, you'd go for a 60-70 gallon filter. Something important to get when starting up is a water testing kit. These are essential to keep your tank running properly. I recommend the API master test kit. Another important piece of equipment would be a heater. This is an essential component in a tropical fish tank to maintain healthy and happy fish. I hope this helped, enjoy setting up your tank, and if you have any more questions, ask away!

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What I basically want is:
• multiple varieties not one single type ( i don't know what you are referring to with this)
•don't really care for mollies or the similar types.
neon tetras are basic for a reason. they are super attractive fish. they aren't as nippy as other tetras. tetras,barbs,and danios can get nippy (DO YOUR RESEARCH)
•a good filter that really helps the tank
I do not recommend top fin brand filters. cheap....but they randomly shut off and aren't as higher quality as other brands.

•General tank setup info
get some water conditioner (I prefer aqueon over prime), stability is just a good thing to have (its a bacteria booster), as well as lifeguard tablets (meds) in case of an emergency.
•suggested compatible fish
everyone loves corydoras. make sure you get at least 5-6 of one type (multiple varieties exist)
I love kuhli loaches! both corys and kuhlis (as well as other bottom many other bottom feeders and soft bodied fish) need sand or soft substrate. they are both peaceful and get along with basically everything
I recommend getting some mystery snails. they are more entertaining to watch plus they keep your tank clean of algae (at least on the inside). shrimp are also pretty cool but be careful of their other community tank members
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