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Feeding Advice

First post on these forums! Cross posting this request on a few forums for the best advice!

This is my first time having so many fish in one tank and I am nervous on a feeding cycle and amount to allow for all to be happy and healthy as well as limit food waste. I have the following species in all levels of the aquarium.
**Stock with current sizes if the size helps**
1x Adult Albino Bushy/Bristlenose Pleco Ancistrus sp.

1x 5" or so Peacock Eel Macrognathus aculeatus (believe it is the lesser and not siamensis as it hasn't grown much since I got it end of March. Was listed as Thai Spiny Eel at LFS)

1x 4" Orange Spotted Liberian Eel Mastacembelus liberiensis (get big fast so will need to move in a few months from the limited data I could find on care)

9x 1-1.5" False spotted/Black fin Corydoras leucomelas

8x 1-1.5" Rummy-nose tetra Hemigrammus rhodostomus

9x 1-1.5" Marbled hatchet Carnegiella strigata

12x 1-1.5" Ornate/False Rosy tetra Hyphessobrycon bentosi

5x Adult Otocinclus

5x 1.5" Clown Loach Chromobotia macracanthus (yes I know about these eventual big boys. They can move in with the orange spotted eel when it moves too)

8x large Amano shrimp Caridina multidentata/japonica

4x Black racer nerite snails

??x MTS cause who really knows how many MTS they have!
**Food I have on hand**
Tetramin tropical flakes
Sera o-nip tablets
Omega one super color color flakes
Omega one shrimp pellets
Omega one veggie rounds
Hikari algae wafers
Hikari sinking wafers
Hikari frozen brine shrimp
Hikari frozen bloodworms
Zucchini. I do length strips on a veggie clip suction twice a week.
Indian almond leaf (Terminalia catappa) counts as food once it starts to break down. 4 leaves in tank currently.

Thank you in advance to anyone who responds. I know this is asking for some thoughtful time and effort to respond!

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Tank size?

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Originally Posted by PoppaRyno View Post
Tank size?
They are all in an AGA 40G Breeder 36x18 version with an AC 110 filter on the back middle.

For more complete details, the tank has pool sand substrate, couple of broken slate homemade caves, mopani wood centerpiece, and a bunch of plants. I use root tabs in the sand substrate with liquid dosing only for low tech. No high tech co2, etc. Plants are: Microsorum pteropus, cryptocoryne wendtii, rotala magenta, hygrophila angustifolia, hygrophila corymbosa kompakt, echinodorus tenellus, anubias barteri v. nana, and ceratopteris thalictroides as a floater, as well as a couple small yet to be IDd plants that came in the bag with the Amanos from the LFS. I do not have these densely planted, and I intend to keep them trimmed. Whole mid to top and middle plane of the tank is basically empty, except for the far left where I have the ceratopteris thalictroides sitting in a feeder ring to keep it floating in place with the roots hanging down. Also lose some of the space dead middle center and bottom center where the mopani wood piece invades some of the middle center space.

Also, I do not intend to keep the liberian eel and loaches in this tank for more than 6 months, and probably sooner with the way the limited data on the eel I could find projects the rapid growth.

API Freshwater master tests last night show everything looking great, can get the specific numbers if anyone wants them. I use a python no spill for bi-weekly to weekly water changes. Sunday evening is my dedicated water change, trim, groom, etc, day. I've had a starter 15G running for over a year now (where the crypt, hygrophila corymbosa kompakt, and echinodorus tenellus came from), with the 40G being up and running for about two months. Two of the clown loaches, the albino bn pleco, and the peacock eel all moved from the 15G. I've added the remaining almost weekly to bi-weekly since starting the tank with the hatchets and rummy-nose being the newest additions as of this past Saturday.
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advice, feed, feeding

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