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Old 02-08-2012, 01:08 AM   #1
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Interesting loach and snail combination question....

Quick background about my tank/location (and to introduce myself).

I work at an aquatic toxicology laboratory, where we raise and culture organisms to make sure treated wastewater that is being discharged into national waterways (lakes, streams, etc) can support growth, survival, and reproduction of aquatic life (salt or fresh). Love my job. This is a tank I recently setup in my office. Because of my work, I have plenty of access to perfect cultured lab water (distilled, then r.o., then supplemented with essentials) as well as daphnids and baby minnows for live feedings.

Tank setup is as follows:
-55 gallons
-neutral ph, moderate hardness
-substrate is 1.5" potting soil, 1.5-2.5" sloped black beauty
-no C02 or ferts (no need yet)
-low light -36 watts (~.6/gallon)
-driftwood, rocks
-plants are:
2 Pigmy Chain Sword
2 Narrow Leaf Micro Swords
2 Crypt Wendtii "Red"
3 Java Ferns
2 small Tropica swords
1 Anubias nana
12 Italian vallisneria
4 Jungle Vallisneria
1 Anubias Frazeri
1 Red flame sword
1 Uruguayensis sword

Currently cycling with several fathead minnows and they're doing great (from our overstock).

Planned fish:
-2 Bolivian Rams
-7 Dwarf Gouramis
-8 Marbled Hatchetfish
-14 Neon Tetras
-5 Otos
-8 Panda Cory Cats
-Cherry Shrimp
-1 Nerite Snail

All of that for this question:
I like the benefit of snails in a planted tank. Particularly Malaysian Trumpets and what they do to the substrate. But I also hate snails (hence why I say 1 Nerite because I hate their eggs too- but at least they don't breed asexually).
My question is this- is there a way to have loaches to keep the snail population at bay (while also feeding them and giving a cool show) AND still get the benefit of snails? Is there a good community loach that I can use while still having MTS? Particularly- is there a loach that doesn't dig (the soil would make it very messy). I would love a dwarf puffer, but I don't think I could handle him going bat S one day.... Unless someone thinks otherwise. I think I'm just stuck with my one Nerite aren't I?

Also- second opinions on my stock?

Thanks all- love the forum and respect your opinions.

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Old 02-08-2012, 01:22 PM   #2
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Personally, looking at my 55, I think you're pushing it pretty hard wanting 7 Dwarf Gouramis with the rest of the stock. I think 3 or 4 would do fine and look good, but others may have a differing opinion.

I'd say with the stock you want, get your MTS then add a trio of Assassin Snails. If you really want a loach, I think I've heard the yoyo loach is one of the better ones for snail eradication. They hit 6 inches, though, so keep that in mind.

I wouldn't recommend a dwarf puffer--he'd probably eat your tetras and hassle the rest. I've been researching them, wanting one, and there don't appear to be any fish that can be with them except otos long term--everyone who's tried seems to have issues, even if it takes a year or two.
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combination, loach, snail, sting

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