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Old 07-06-2020, 01:31 AM   #1
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Question Please someone tell me how to fix this situation

Hey everyone! I am desperate need of some advice. I am new to the fish world, and I am having some trials and errors (BUT ALSO SUCCESS), but for the most part, I do my research, and I try to learn as much as I can. However, I failed to dig deep into this and took a few internet sites at face value. I have a 20-gallon tank with 11 guppies, it was 12, but I lost one today. I do believe she wasn't well; all the other guppies are doing great; they are active, eating, chasing all that fun stuff, but she never seemed to settle in, I did not see any signs physically, only her behavior was completely different from the rest of the guppies. I have only had them for a week.
I also have a 55 gallon; this is where I am having an issue. I have 11 zebra danios who I started with, 4 Dora corys', and three fancy goldfish (maybe 1/2 the size of my hand). My zebras are finally starting to realize they can outswim the wabble giants that overtook there tank, lol. I see the Cories occasionally pick up with them for a lap or two throughout the day. All seem pretty happy??, I think?,, I don't know, honestly.
Ok so I CANNOT GET FOOD TO MY Cories!! I have read data on the importance of a goldfish diet, especially the fancy ones; in that they are carp family and are on the hunt for food all the time, which mine are. From what I understand they are not hungry, just bored, and it is there natural instinct to want to eat everything to store up food for hibernation(outside of course), but if they ate like they wanted to their life would be filled with health issues and possibly a short one.
My Zebras normally at the top of the tank and fast get their food. I try to get the Goldfish on the other side of the tank to eat but they usually all end up together on the top, bottom, and middle etc...BUT MY CORIES ARE NOT EATING. I have put sinking wafers in the tank several times but the poor NOT STARVING (but act like they are) goldfish leave whatever they are eating and go pick the Cory's food up right away. I have not personally seen my dora's eat in a week. I understand they eat the leftovers on the bottom, but I understand that is simply not enough (ESPECIALLY WITH THESE FANCIES, ONE SPENDS THE ENTIRE DAY SIFTING THROUGH THE PHOSPHATE.

I Have tried leaving spinach, cucumber, and zucchini in the tank for the goldfish to nibble to try and keep their scavenger instincts occupied. That didn't work. the only thing I have seen that the goldfish has not touched or tried to put in there mouth. I have tried feeding the goldfish shrimp while I sneak the wafers in, but Cory's won't eat them and they end up snatched once again. Tonight I even went so far to lay them at their nose and keep my arm in the water to prevent the goldfish from pillaging their food, but they wouldn't touch it and the second they did the goldfish did a sneak attack and picked up and they took off. I HAVE 4 THAT ARE GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH AND 3 THAT ARE GOING TO KILL THEMSELVES FROM OVEREATING.
Sorry, this is so long but I really need help, I really can't spend any more money but I don't want any fish unhealthy and or unhappy on my watch. Am I just being an obsessed newbie or is this a longterm issue that I may have to make a big decision. SOMEONE PLEASE, HELP, SOME GOOD EXPERIENCED TIPS OR SUGGESTIONS WILL MEANT MORE THAN YOU KNOW. THANKS

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Old 07-06-2020, 04:35 AM   #2
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Hi joe.

First off im not sure what a Dora Cory is. I cant find any reference to that type of cory. Are you just refering to a generic corydora?

Your issue with getting food down to the corys. Cory's are excellent scavengers and you only have 4, so they dont actually need much food. They are also naturally nocturnal scavengers so it could be that they are getting enough food, but you just dont see it as they are feeding at night. Is there anything specific that leads you to think they arent getting enough to eat? If you are still having concerns, feed your sinking wafers after lights out when the goldfish are less active and the Cory's are more so will help.

I would also like to raise a compatibility issue between your goldfish and Cory's that you may have to watch out for. Fancy goldfish will still get quite big, and if the corys are small enough to fit in their mouths they might try and eat them. Although the corys would normally be small and agile enough to keep out of the way, fancy goldfish have been known to hunt in numbers and trap smaller, more agile fish. Getting eaten is an issue for both the cory (obviously) and the goldfish. Corys have a stiffened pectoral fin barb which can get stuck in another fishes throat. May not be an issue, depending on the type/size of cory and the temperament of your goldfish.

Given your issues with feeding and other issues that may be down the line, might it be best to separate them?

Aiken Drum
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Along with the good information above, remember that tropical fishes stomachs are as big as their eye. They don't need much food and once a day feeding is plenty.
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Old 07-09-2020, 05:12 PM   #4
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You can make a feeding tube from a short length of PVC pipe with an elbow on the end to get to the bottom of the tank. Put sinking food in it, and squirt some water into the top of the tube to push the food out of the elbow at the end. They'll find it!!
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