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Old 07-19-2004, 09:18 PM   #1
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New 30something Marine Fish Only... need advice

Hi, all, this is my first time posting on this site. I've had a cichlid tank for some time now and have had great success with it. I've been doing research for the last few months on marine aquariums and I plan to set one up at the end of august when I move into my new apt.

I have a couple of options:
There is a 29gallon marineland setup that comes with the Eclipse sys 3 hood and other sw accessories (heater, hydrometer, test kit, instant ocean) for $200. Is it worth it?
I plan to have at least some live rock in the system to start with... I'm patient enough to let the base rock seed. Will the bio-wheel and the live rock work with or against each other? I have looked closely at the hood and (with a little creative cutting) would be able to put a seaclone 100 skimmer in the back all the way to one side. (Is this skimmer good enough?) The filter in the hood does 250gph.

If I don't do that kit, There is a 37gallon black seal tank I can get for $62. (same footprint as 29g) I know that long tanks are better than tall, but I don't have that much space. Which size is better? If I got this tank I'd have to buy all of the extras and I think the lighting would put me over the $200 mark. Any suggestions?

Ultimately I plan to get part live sand and part not, and base rock and a couple pieces of premium live rock. My fish of choice is a Dragon wrasse and I know it will need a bigger tank eventually (I plan to have more money by that time.) Does anyone know how fast they grow? I don't want to over stock.

As for the stand I'll build one (I have access to a shop).

Really, any advice I can get would be appreciated. And yes, I do own The Conscientious Marine Aquarist and The New Marine Aquarium.

Thanks for listening to all of my questions!

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Old 07-19-2004, 09:31 PM   #2
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I wouldnt think that is too good of a price. Check on Ebay for some good deals. Also I am buying a 6ft 120g for $250.00 from a pet store in Fl. brand new. That should tell you something. HTH!

When it comes to SW bigger is Better. It is easier to maintain. So go big as you can.

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Old 07-20-2004, 11:49 AM   #3
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The larger the tank capacity, the easier it'll be to maintain.
Besides those 'kits' are always filled with crappy hardware (cheap heaters, etc)

If you're going with LR and a skimmer, you don't need a 'filter' like an emperor, but rather just a couple powerheads to create movement. YOu want a good 10 times per hour turnover (so at least 370gph)
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Old 07-20-2004, 10:04 PM   #4
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Yeah i've read that bigger tanks are better, than smaller tanks, you're also right about the tall aquariums being not as good as the shallow one. here are some comparison u might want to look at

Small aquariums tend to get dirty faster, if something happens to a fish, chances are it wont take long for the other fish to get sick. And i know from experience soon enough you'll want a bigger one anyway. Those trips to your LFS will make u want more and more and more.

Tall aquariums require strong lighting to reach the bottom

Wide aquariums (the bigger the opening the better) is good for surface area and oxygenation.

Put aside some extra money for incidentals, there will always be something good to invest in. It may not be immediately necessary but u know it will benefit u in the future.

Yes the live rock needs some decent lighting too, to help coralline algae growth.

and the dragon wrasse gets pretty big, I seen one in my LFS and he was huge and scary.. those teeth.

but remember, keeping a saltwater tank can easily turn a hobby into an obssession.
Before u know it, you'll pass by three tanks before u get to the bathroom from your living room.. happened to me.
Good luck
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There is a 29gallon marineland setup that comes with the Eclipse sys 3 hood and other sw accessories (heater, hydrometer, test kit, instant ocean) for $200. Is it worth it?
the big problem with that is you will be limited to a very small bioload, i.e. several clowns and one other small fish - especially so with only biowheel filtering and no lr

if you are building the stand, why not put your money into a 55 as they are very cheap these days, then shop around for lr and accessories online...would definately give you more flexability down the road

evenings, thats a lot of livestock in that 65! got any pics?
hey half the fun is dreaming it up!
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fish only, marine, marine fish

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