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Old 02-20-2007, 05:23 PM   #1
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SOS! Pleco Jumping Out of Tank!!!!

Somebody HELP!

You read it right...this Plecostamus that I purchased about 3 weeks ago has escaped the 75 Gal. tank 3 times...

Once I found him in the filter (Aquaclear on the back), then he's found a way to crawl out the feeding covers...found him just lying on the floor...with one of my cats staring at him from 2 feet away...each time I scoop him up and throw him back in the tank, which also has a mated pair of Green Terrors about 6" long...Mr. Pleco is around 8" long...they seem to get along okay...now...

PROBLEM: the Pleco is getting some nasty, large pale or white areas on his back and tail, and after todays land-venture, his main (dorsel?) back fin in red and seems to be damaged, most likely dried out...I can get pics in a bit, but what can I do to try to keep his fins from getting any worse? Salt? Some chemicals?

BTW, I've had tanks on and off for a few years, do weekly water changes, careful with feeder fish...got a rough idea how to keep fish...just not sure about the approach to this one...

Somebody help!


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Old 02-20-2007, 06:51 PM   #2
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Moved to the Unhealthy Fish Forum.

Welcome to AA Randy! Sorry that you had to join under these circumstances. Answer the questions in the sticky at the top of the page. By doing so it usually expedites the responses.
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Old 02-20-2007, 06:54 PM   #3
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Welcome to AA! What I would do is set up an emergency QT tank, if need be a rubbermaid container and heater and airstone. Something you can secure that he won't get out. Treat him with melafix/pimafix and keep an eye on him.

Answering the questions in the sticky will help with more detail.
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Old 02-20-2007, 07:14 PM   #4
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I'll add that keeping your sailfin in the tank is a priority. You need a cover. Do you think the GT's are spooking him into jumping?
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Old 02-20-2007, 08:23 PM   #5
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I betcha the pleco is being Green Terrorized; I'd git the pleco out of there and healthy, then find a new home for him.

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Old 02-23-2007, 01:42 AM   #6
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He's still hanging on...I've got him in a small 5 gal. "Nurse" tank, loaded up with Big Al's water conditioner stuff...he's not looking good...almost like his skin is peeling off of his bones...but he's still breathing, and as long as he's fighting, I'll do what I can to save him...

What's this "sticky" that I should fill out? I think I'm rather computer savvy, but I can' t see anything that says "sticky" above...

I don't think this guys gonna make it...not moving too much...

Also, I have a proper cover on the tank, didn't think a Pleco would ever crawl 2" above the surface and push the lid open, but that's the only thing that he could have done...don't think my cat would reach in there and scoop him...

Any help is appreciated folks....

Thanx in advance...

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Old 02-26-2007, 12:56 PM   #7
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R.I.P. Mr. Pleco


I didn't think he'd last as long as he did...he went belly-up on Saturday. What a fighter...

I went to seek advice at the place where I bought him, and my resident fish expert echoed what some are saying out here...for some reason, he wanted out of the tank. I just found it peculiar that he would know to seek freedom by inching up the front glass, then poking his head out the lid and jumping right out...

Going with the advice of my fish guy, I'm not going to try to put any more Pleco's in there...although he cleaned up the algae that was in there in a matter of days...I've always had a Pleco in my tanks, but then again I've never had a mating pair of Cicclids before...and never had Green Terrors before either...they make great pets, just don't put anything in there...hands, other fish, live plants...this guy (big male) wastes no time latching on to my hand...he's drawn blood more than once.

I've never had a fish that was as responsive as this guy. He's quite the pet...making ripples in the surface responding to anyone near the tank...guess I pay the price for it one way or the other...

Thanx for the advice people!

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Old 02-26-2007, 01:28 PM   #8
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Sorry for your loss.

Sometimes they just doom themselves to being "out and about." Most of us have similar stories, although with fish not quite as dexterous.

Also, welcome to AA.
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pleco, tan

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