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Old 04-12-2004, 11:37 AM   #1
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Tank is breaking my heart

I'm not sure what to do with my cichlid tank. I spent an hour today watching the tank to see if I can find out what the problem is. I found it. The cute little blue kenyii I bought a few months ago turned bright yellow, as they are supposed to when sexually mature, is systematically killing each fish from weakest to strongest. He has a seizure whenever others are around (he used to just chase his own species, now he's hell bent on destroying all fish in sight) and attacks fish. The others are too scared to lock jaws or do anything but get out of the way, and he's getting in fin and body shots. The poor guy I QT'd for a week is now on top of the tank, if he tries to swim and hide the male kenyii and all the others gang up on him and force him back to the top. The problem isn't lack of hiding spaces, there's plenty to go around. Now one of the smaller yellow labs is getting skinny and acting strange. I don't know whether to get rid of the kenyii and just stick to yellow labs, or get rid of the yellow labs and try to find 5 female kenyii. Or, perhaps the cruellest is just let nature take its course and see who wins in the battle of the cichlids (I already know the outcome). Does anyone know, if I get 5 female kenyii, if the male will go after these too?

The problem is, I really like the color of the kenyii--the blue and the yellow, but perhaps the tank isn't big enough for them. The project I was thinking of for my cichlids will have to wait until the end of my semester at school, but in the meantime the rockwork leaves plenty of hiding spaces (I thought).

I should have stuck to peaceful schooling fish

~Mike Shaw
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So throw the trouble maker in a QT tank and see if the community becomes peaceful sans his prescence. I just lost another one of my small croaking gourami to a vicious loach.. a LOACH! The loaches are going in the first clear QT this Weds! And if I can't trade em off..they are crow bait!
Most my fish are peaceful types, all you need is one bad fish to mess up the whole community.

At least you found your culprit and can decide. And if he already chased his own kind then I'd just get rid of THIS fish and maybe get another later. Why chance him shredding half the females you add. Just add a new GUY with a new decoration and hope the community fish are all at top health by then.

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Old 04-12-2004, 01:18 PM   #3
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The Tetra in my 26g used to be part of a school in my 10g tank. Over time it systematically killed off every other Tetra in the 10g tank, except for the last remaining Tetra in the 10g (which is missing over half of its fins and most of its mouth). I just could not get the fish to calm down or behave "normal". I probably should have just traded it in for a different fish but I was determined to make the fish right, it never happened and I lost a bunch of Tetras. When I put the Tetra in the 26g, I was affraid it would kill my other fish, but instead it was happy to be the solo Tetra
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I was under the impression that kenyii were very mean fish. You may need to do some more research if you want to keep that fish.

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Old 04-13-2004, 09:18 PM   #5
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got off the African kick my first 2 months cause of one of those hell fish, now south americans, much more peaceabl respectfully speaking, had to donate him to my lfs, broke my heart but i dont apreciate agressive fish, hes only doin what he thinks he should,,
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