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EI calculator

On another thread about EI I posted the spreadsheet that I use to check my routines on my various EI tanks. I was surprised that I got a lot of positive feedback both on the boards and through PM's. People also had a few common questions which I will anser here.

Also, some errors were detected (particularly by Jdogg) and I have corrected those. Also, I added a part to factor in Nitrate and Phosphate in your tap water. There was a request to also factor CSM+B. I have not used this product, but I will look into adding the info if I can. Because of the corrected errors I though it should be reposted (note v4 now).

Thank you for all you feedback ;-) If you have any more errors you find, please let me know so they can get fixed.


If anyone else has any handy spreadsheets or tools they created for thier planted tanks, please post them in this thread. It would be nice to have one place to look for all of these things.

Common Questions:
I found error “xyz” in your spread sheet, can you fix it?
Yes I can, thank you for pointing it out. If you have detailed information about what needs fixing, and links so I can check the info myself, then I especially appreciate that.

I use nutrient “xyz” can you add it to the sheet?
This was made for my own use, and reflects nutrients I have tried. I can add any nutrient. I need to know the total concentration that 1tsp of that nutrient(s) in 55 gallons of water. Please send me the info if you have it, preferably with links so that I can easily verify the facts.

How do I use this spreadsheet?
The idea of this spread sheet is that you input in the yellow squares (C2 to C19) the amount of each nutrient you are actually using. The spreadsheet will then tell you what PPM of each nutrient you are putting in weekly. It also breaks the weekly totals into daily dosing. It assumes a 50% weekly water change.
I recommend that you simply put your current actual weekly dosing into the spreadsheet. See if that gives you the levels you seek. If not, raise the weekly dosing (on the spreadsheet) in half or quarter teaspoon increments until the results show the concentrations you are looking for.

Will this spreadsheet work with any sized tank?
The spreadsheet is set up to work with any size tank. Cell C22 "tank Size" is where you put your actual tank size. It will automatically adjust the tank size factor. I use this for my 72, 29, and 10 gallon tanks.

I notice your routine is already filled in, the nutrient levels seem a bit high. Is that correct?
The lighting on my 72 is 390 watts of power compacts. This is 5.4 wpg, very high lighting. My nutrient levels are probably higher than most would need.

I don’t use EI or do weekly water changes can I still use this?
Caveat emptor. This is set up for use of Tom Barr’s EI system of fertilization. This also assumes at least a 50% weekly water change. Any other use is at the users discretion.

I like this so much I want to use it all the time, do I have to pay you for it’s use?
No, I am a hobbyist, and I offer this free to other hobbyists. It is in the public domain. If you still feel the random urge to send me money, my Paypal is zezmo@hotmail.com <jk>

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Here is CSM+B according to greg watson's site

1.5% Magnesium (MG)
1.5% Magnesium (cheleted)
0.10% Copper (Cu)
7.0% Iron (Fe - cheleted)
2.0% Maganese (Mn - Cheleted)
0.06% Molybedenum (MO)
0.40% Zinc (Zn - cheleted)


I'm not sure how much boron is the mix though. Maybe someone that knows more can find out? The site does say that 1.25 T of CSM+B = ~1 T of flourish so maybe just use that to figure out the approximates of CSM+B based off your flourish calculations?

As I said in the other thread, it would also be awesome to calculate mixtures (I have 8 oz dosing bottles, but you could put it at whatever amount you want) with the spreadsheet.

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Old 09-16-2006, 12:18 AM   #3
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Zezmo, I am going to link this thread and update the link to v4 for your spreadsheet in the fertilization sticky. Feel free to post there if you prefer of course.

The percentages Capt quoted is for straight CSM, and Boron is 0%. Here are percentages for CSM+B (with Boron), which is what Greg Watson sells:

Fe 6.53%
Mn 1.87%
Mg 1.40%
Zn 0.37%
Cu 0.09%
Mo 0.05%
B 1.18%

from http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/pmdd-tim.html
If anyone else has any handy spreadsheets or tools they created for thier planted tanks, please post them in this thread.
Here's my online calcs. If you click on the specific link, the page will refresh to that specific calculator after submitting tank info, so you don't need to use the menu at the top of the page. The formulas for each is below the input fields.

Plantex CSM+B calculator -- does solutions or dry dosing, milligrams or teaspoons, and dose or target for Fe.
Tropica Plant Nutrition/Master Grow -- gives Fe and K ppm from mL dose.
10% Chelated Fe and (now discontinued) CSM+B+Extra Fe -- gives ppm Fe from mg dose, or mg dose to reach target Fe ppm. Dry dosing only.
General solutions -- gives mL dose to reach target ppm with given percent solution. Meant for fishless cycling but works for any product that gives %solution in terms of mass/volume.

Lumens/sq in, Equiv T12 wpg, and Effective wpg spreadsheet -- based on Wizzard~Of~Ozz and Tong's ideas in this thread. Meant to be a guide that helps standardize lighting across bulb types and tank sizes.
"2- before attempting to plant, have a beer or a Bourbon. That will help to steady your hands" -- elwaine

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