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Old 05-13-2007, 06:20 PM   #1
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THe great cut from 136 WATTS TO 68, 2 weeks later

Everything is growing including two new eriocaulon species (I did melt a mato grosso that came with the others.. and will try that again after a rescape. the seller is going to send me one more when I say when since it melted in 24 hours)

My larger glandulosa died, but it never came back from teh great co2 disaster, I think I have baby glandulosa growing.. unless I'm mistaking what plant threw the seedlings.. and that is doing well.

I've got thread algae, the first ever and under lower light.. and I suspect that is also from the great co2 disaster. I am trying the pruning/direct hit with excel method of eradiacation.

Ludwiga ver. pantanal, cuba, tonina belem and fluviatilas all doing great. To accomodate the higher co2 I have tossed the tank cover completely.

one thing, my ei dosing seems to leave me with enough of a nitrate suplus I am thinking of cutting dosing in half.. I never checked during ei before because everything looked great and I am lazy -- but I checked this morning using a lamotte kit BEFORE I would have dosed -- I was over a lamotte 10 which is more than a 55 on other kits.

I did a water change and unless plantbrain really wants me to experiment wtih full ei even now.. (fish seem fine) despite the numbers, I am going to cut the ei dosing in half.

I'll trust Tom on this because he hasn't steered me wrong yet!

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Old 05-14-2007, 04:58 AM   #2
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plantbrain told me to do half the dose and much less water changes, I find my self dosing twice a week 1/2 of potassium sulfate 1/4 trace mix, twice a month I dose a pinch of potassium nitrate and mono potassium phosphate. my fish load seems to be around a good balance to where my test kits testing though out a month reads nitrates at the end of each week from 10 to 20, phosphates 1 to 2. I am doing 5g of water change every 2 to 3 weeks for five days only 5g at a time.

I thank you all for your attention and time!
75g/Rena Xp3/Inline Heater/Rena Air 200/Eco-Complete/Current Dual Daylight System
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Old 05-14-2007, 01:29 PM   #3
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I figured out that my nitrate levels were too high because of dosing and that my phosphate levels were as well. Now, I just do Potassium and Flourish 3x a week.
125 gal mixed REEF
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Old 05-14-2007, 07:29 PM   #4
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HLD is serious problem for the hobby.
Some will never be cured?

Sad, I see so many wanting to have less work, yet when they have HLD, they cannot understand why they have more work than they realize, then they start rationalizing............saying that it's not really that much work............and they say their colors are better this way (color blindiness is a side effect).

HLD= high light disease

With less light, you have less issues with CO2, with dosing, with water changes, with algae.............

But people with HLD seem to think more is better..........

They want to limit PO4, the water column, less CO2, everything but less light.

tom Barr
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Old 05-14-2007, 07:45 PM   #5
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I like the water changes.. I just think it must be better for there to be cleaner water for the fish than what a closed system provides... is that wrong now that I've been cured of hld? What do you think about cutting dosing in half?

the thread algae seems on the retreat with excel treatment. today my farlowella began eating it for the first time. No more on the top of the tank.
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eat, watts

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