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Old 04-25-2015, 09:55 AM   #1
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hello from the Netherlands

Hi Everyone I am looking for some advice!

Last year my son was given a miniature pond and three goldfish for in the garden by a friend as a birthday gift. On the first night of the miniature pond being in the garden, the neighbours cat helped itself to two of the fish. We bought the miniature pond inside and I thought it a rather sad life for the fish. So, we got a small tank for Doc. Having set up the tank last april, all went well (13.9 US gallons). We had an internal filter for a slightly larger volume tank. Even though Doc was in it, I went through all the processes to cycle the tank. Learned the hard way with that one.
later in the year one of our neighbours heard of someone who was going to throw their three fancy fish into the local canal and he persuaded the boy to give them to us, as it didn't seem fair to the fish.. And so we became owners of four fish in a stupidly small tank, Doc, Barry (an odd looking oranda with a seemingly white scaleless body and jet black eyes), Submarine and Toothless (two black moors). I confess at the time, I thought Barry so ugly that he was beautiful (if you get what I mean).
We very quickly we scaled up to a larger tank as common sense told me that they did not have enough room. So, not having much in the budget, I spent as much as I could afford to get a larger tank, 52 US Gallons and purchased a larger filter (also for slightly larger capacity of water) and run this large filter with the smaller filter in the other corner. Cycled the tank and then moved the fish over.
As Doc (a regular run of the mill gold fish) got so big, we moved him over to my mother in laws massive pond and he's doing great there, we can spot him in amongst the other golfish and koi and he's having a lovely time. He wasn't necessarily too big for the tank, but he loved to zip around and whizz about and it just didn't seem fair to him.
When Doc left we purchased a little lion head oranda called bubble. All is good, tank tests come up great. Every week 20% water changes, rinsing out the filters in the water that's been removed, vacuuming the gravel with these water changes to get the waste out and using water treatment on the tap water. The fish are growing fantastically, they eat out of my hand. They have a varied diet, small meals twice a day of fancy fish food only what they can eat up within five minutes, waste removed from the tank and twice a week they have peeled peas and once a fortnight freeze dried blood worms.
Barry the ugly beauty is now gorgeous, he has a stunning fancy tail now. Submarine has also grown beautifully, bubble the lionhead is massive now. And now everyone has grown so much I'm wondering what is wrong with Toothless. He hasn't grown at all. I don't know how old these fish were when they came from the boy, I don't know the boy and can't ask him and it didn't occur to me at the time. I do know they were in a tiny tank, smaller than our first tank that they moved to and we quickly moved up to the 52.
Having gone into great study of the tank, the environment, the feeding, the cleaning, the testing, the filters.. all of this last year, I've failed to actually wonder how long it takes for the fish to grow. I still think the tank is too small and in a months time, I'm going to purchase a larger tank (I got a bonus and I'm using it for that). The largest I can afford will be 125 US Gallons. I think then, the fish will have the right amount of space.
I'm not sure if the tank space is the issue with Toothless, he's been totally fine, but the last week he's looking old, at feeding time he comes enthusiastically to get his food, he comes for hand fed peas, but in between times he looks depressed.. or maybe I am just mad.
Anyway, nice to meet you all, I'm going to have a look around the forums and if any of you have any advice, please feel free to help me along.

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Hello, and welcome to AA!

You have my admiration for your dedication to these fish that so many people see as disposable (they aren't!). I agree that a 125 will be just right for the fish you have! I might even venture to say you could add some interesting tankmates like weather loaches in a tank of that size!

It's possible that toothless may be stunted due to his time in a small tank, or he may just be a slow grower. It's difficult to say.
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Hi, welcome to AA
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55 gallon elephant nose tank.
30 gallon vampire shrimp, green lace shrimp and snails.
70 gallon elephant nose tank, Gonzo the elephant nose and friends!
30gallon borara merah and brigittae green, red longfin bristlenose, shrimp, ninja, taiwan,bamboo, and snails.
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Thank you for the warm welcome! 😊
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Old 08-19-2015, 06:29 AM   #6
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Having been incredibly busy the last few months, my apologies for not being active, but I do have news to share. I sorted out my large tank in the beginning of May. It's about 95 gallons, external JBL e1500, UV-C light by JBL. Cycled it, tested it, keeping the fish in the old tank, then slowly introduced the fish one at a time over a two week period (testing everyday). I did use this opportunity to move the most dominant and aggressive fish (Barry) last, I don't even know if this psychology is relevant, but when Barry finally got in the tank he was well mannered and has remained so to this day.

Toothless, the fish that wouldn't grow passed away just before the big move.

The new tank has been a pleasure, but finding reliable cold water fish suppliers has been a little heartbreaking. There have been some purchases of fish that have passed away in a really short space of time. You can go mad with water tests, self doubt and never know why the fish died because it's happened over an incredibly short space of time. There were two fish my husband purchased on his own one day. He turned up with two tiny Ranchu's (about one and a half inches if that), they were the last two in the shop and the man in the shop did him a deal. It was all very random but they were so small and didn't seem happy as soon as they went in the tank, there were enough hidy places for them and none of the fish chased or dominated them. As I say, you can second guess everything about the fish, I'm guessing they were too young, too stressed, too... list goes on. That was a hard lesson for my husband and he agreed not to make impulsive purchases ever again.

My three original fish still remain, Barry (male), Bubble (female) and Submarine (female). There are new additions which are doing really well. Bomber lionhead oranda (male), Binky a female panda, Bling, no idea what he/she is, she's just very pretty with a long body, telescope eyes and the red spot on her head has and a tiny fantail called Bronson. And now there are enough! All are happy and enthusiastic. All of them eat from my hand.

I can happily say I am totally enjoying the tank and now have a little more time to get involved in the forum itself
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