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Hey there!

So glad I joined this site (finally)

I own 12 animals altogether and am happily looking into starting a possible sorority tank for my veil tail female Gabe (recommendations welcomed!) I own 6 cats; Nala, Bastet, Akela, Pele, Cali and Lou, a ratty named Lori and a dog named Charlie. My four fish include three males, my royal blue veil tail Poseidon, my super red veil tail Hell Boy, my cream colored crowntail Zeus, and my super red veil tail female Gabrielle.

I own 4 tanks altogether with several dozen smaller holding tanks for when I do tank changes (only for those 100% changes are these smaller tanks used). I have one 10 gallon who houses Poseidon, one 5 gallon which houses currently Hell boy (is currently divided in prep for Zeus moving in on the 15 of June), one 30 gallon which currently houses Gabrielle (again will be a sorority tank so looking for recommendations!) and my hospital/quarantine 0.75 which currently houses Zeus until the 15 of June when he'll be moving into the divided 5 gallon.

My fish keeping spans over 27yrs (I'm 28) and started with my grandfather who at one point had four 300 gallon tanks, three 200 gallon tanks and a mix-match of other varying tanks in varying gallonages. I've suffered my own fair share of disasters (I ordered in a 10 gallon heater and filter, a 30 gallon heater and filter only to have both end up in Quebec in a post office that actually was flooded out. ALL items were sadly not salvageable and had to be thrown out at the WORST possible time for me..will explain that in a bit) but have managed to somehow dig deep within myself and say "I've got this" and pushed through each disaster as it came up.

My most recent disaster was the rough loss of nearly $400 worth of tank equipment that I ordered online off amazon.ca I'd ordered in two filters and two heaters (10 gallon heater and 30 gallon heater and 10 gallon filter and 30 gallon filter) only to have them end up in Quebec along with a 10kg bag of decorative gravel, aquarium salt, 2 bottles API Water Conditioner, 2 bottles of API Stress Coat, extra filters for the 10 gallon, 30 gallon and 5 gallon filter systems, a brand new overhead lamp for my 30 gallon (the current one is a fire hazard so is no longer in use as the wire is frayed in some places - this is how I got it and wasn't aware till I moved the tank to it's new spot), and a new 5 gallon tank. All items were sadly not salvageable as was determined by my grandfather whose judgement I trust one million% when it concerns fish keeping. The 5 gallon's box was sadly crushed and the tank had way too many cracks to be repaired. Net worth loss was roughly $200 - $400 (add on shipping and 13% sales taxes on EVERYTHING ordered in). This all happened at the starting of May which as some may know is income taxes month and sadly, this is stuff I can no longer get back. But I've pushed through and have hopes of getting some if not all the stuff replaced during the months of June - August when I *hopefully* get my income taxes back in (though I'm not apposed to donations! Please inquire for my Paypal! Proof will be sent to you of purchases made!)

I do enjoy other things besides fish keeping and these include horseback riding, swimming, jogging, taking my dog and cat for a walk, watching SGA, watching youtube/netflix, and overall just living my life. I'm sadly on disability so things do get hard at the best of times but I've learned to take it all in stride and not worry about the things I can't fix and worry about the things that I can.

Side note: Please understand that my 0.75 tank is my hospital and quarantine tank. I have found that it's much easier to maintain than a bigger tank when my babies get sick (which has yet to happen). During my fish keeping, I have lost a total of 3 fish while they were under quarantine and each time this tank has been sent to my grandfather who helps me sterilize it, using methods he's used for 60 some odd years with great success. Each fish that I have lost, died due to unforeseen, travel induced stress related issues as all three came from overseas and more than likely had water exchanges when they reached my supplier without proper acclimation which resulted in further stress (this is why Zeus spent nearly 24hrs acclimating to his 0.75's tank water rather than just tossed in his bag to sit). I will openly admit, I over killed it when I was acclimating him but only because he's a. 2 months old and b. had a stressful journey to begin with (the truck was delayed by several hours before reaching my place due to being rerouted several times due to flooded out roads.)

I would just like to say in advance that I ALWAYS go to my grandfather when I have serious issues but also enjoy speaking to others because some of the things I have learned from the younger generation of fish keepers, I have managed to incorporate into everything my grandfather has taught me.

However I do have a few questions;

What type of super glue can be used in my tanks? I'd like some names simply because I have home hardware and home depot in my town and I do believe PetSmart carries some but I would prefer names so I know what to look for when shopping ^^

How often should a tank be resealed? I know that over time, and as a tank's sealant ages, it will need eventual resealing and I'd like to know a good time frame for this.

Anyways, I have to go to work! I hope to hear and make some new friends on here

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I bought Aqueon silicone aquarium sealant. Only because it's made for aquariums. You still have to cure for 48 hours.
I'm sure other people with more experience will chime in. They know more than I do.

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I've used both name brand and generic super glue (cyanoacrylate) for attaching plants/moss to hardscape. Just be sure to get the gel type. Use a paper towel to blot the water from the surfaces to be bonded. Hold together for about 10 seconds then into the tank. Don't use too much though; it cures white and can be visually distracting.
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Welcome to AA
Sorry to hear about your losses.
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Your stuff was damaged in transit the last time ? Isn't Amazon covering the loss ?? Or 3rd party sellers ??
Amazon has always been good about issues. 3rd party sellers are mostly good too.

If you used a credit card your stuff may have been insured.

Be the squeaky wheel and get your money back or new stuff sent.
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