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Old 09-16-2013, 02:11 PM   #1
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Hi! I'm the newbie that's learning everything the hard way!

Hi all. I just joined because I keep getting conflicting info everywhere I go and thought I could use some consistency. Hopefully I can get that here! As suggested in the welcome email, I'm writing this post to give all the info and background. I'll then post in another forum with all my questions to keep things separate.

I have had a 1 gal betta tank since last Christmas and recently decided to give my betta a better tank since I have him at home instead of at work with me. While doing this, I tried to do research and failed so many ways.

First of all, I got a 5 gal tank with cheap LEDs and wanted plants and other fish in the tank. I put my betta in the tank and then went out and bought low light plants (1 anubias and 1 rubin sword). Had my first run in with snails that way, but thankfully got it under control quickly. Then had the sword the LFS guy suggested die because it wasn't getting enough light. Replaced it with bamboo and another anubias. After putting the plants in with my betta, I went to Petsmart and got a blue mystery snail and 7 neon tetras on sale (wanted only 5, but they had 7 and I didn't want to leave just 2 there for someone to buy and think was ok). Being a complete newbie, I put them straight in my new tank. I knew nothing about quarantining and cycling yet.

So the tetras were apparently sick and my 6 month old betta died within a few days of a fungus. Started treating the whole tank for fungus and saw ich on 2 of the tetras, so started treating for that too. After a couple days I noticed that all of the tetras had red around the gills and were spending a lot of time floating at the top of the tank, probably from too much ammonia in an uncycled tank... I returned the fish and snail so Petsmart could heal them properly, but had already bought a new betta I was keeping in the old 1 gal tank.

That brings us to now. I have returned the 5 gal and bought a 10 gal with a Tetra Whisper 10i filter and still using the 25 watt heater, since it was pretty overpowered in the 5 gal and I couldn't return it. I set that all up 5 days ago with new plants and gravel. Temp is consistent at 78F. On advice from a few different fish stores, I added my betta to the tank during cycling and also got a zebra nerite snail since they were available and are otherwise harder to find here.

I returned most of the plants from the 5 gal and bought new to prevent transmitting disease to new tank. Now have 1 short bamboo, 1 marimo moss ball, 1 banana plant (cuz they looked pretty awesome), and 3 from a combo pack from Petco that I have no idea what they are. They were taller and I wanted taller plants for my betta. I still have 1 anubias from my 5 gal tank that is in my 1 gal being treated w/ the fungus and ich meds so I can hopefully move it into my new tank in another week or so.

What I want to do with this tank is add 2 African Dwarf Frogs as soon as I can without killing them, and then add 6-7 (someone told me odd numbers are better) neon/cardinal tetras. I haven't decided which, and since someone said they'll school together, I'm thinking about doing 3 of each.

That's me. The noob that's screwing up all over the place while trying to figure things out. Hopefully here I can get some advice that won't kill my fish and will allow me to have the tank I really want!

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Old 09-17-2013, 01:00 AM   #2
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hi we all make mistakes its how we learn. let the tank cycle for about a month or at least until the nitrate, nitrite and ammonium levels are safe or low to nothing. what will help a bit is if u can get some gravel from 1 of Petsmart's tanks just a handful or 2. the gravel will have good bacteria that will help with the nitrogen levels. I am having to do the same thing in my 10g tank. it will be for my Cory fry when it is ready. they will stay in it till they are big enough to go to the community before all but 2 go to new homes. oh and when you do get you new fish make sure that u let the bags float in the water of your tank so that the temp can be adjusted. that prevents shock. just for max 15min. you could go less if your trip was long from store but no less then 10min.
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Old 09-17-2013, 10:12 PM   #3
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Big warm welcome to the Aa!
Fish die belly upward and rise to the surface. It's their way of falling.

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Old 07-25-2014, 10:22 AM   #4
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The red gills and at the top fish could be lack of air. I suggest buying a bubbler, since you have a big tank now. Bubblers are actually very important, since the water does need to be oxygenated.(:
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Old 08-10-2014, 03:43 PM   #5
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If you ever do decide to mix neon tetras and some sort of other fish, go with something the same size, or another type of tetra. I tried mixing zebra danios and neon tetras but the next day I ended up having to bring them back to the pet store because they were too aggressive with the neon tetras.

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newb, newbie

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