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Introducing myself

Hello finally a fish forum i can join seems a lot of forums dont allow people who use a hotmail email to join . ok on to the stuff we all care about the fish !

I have several tanks a 55 Gal planted community with assorted mollies platies some danios 2 anglefish 1 gourami ( a survivor from when i first set my tanks up or i wouldn't have him as i have no intentions of adding more of them ) 3 ADFs 1 albino brushy nose pleco 1 black Trinidad pleco 1 black mystery snail and around 2 thousand or so pond snails . Since im sure ill get asked yes it is cycled it gets a weekly water change of 30 % on Sundays and occasionally i do a 25 % water change mid week if the water is looking off . For those of you who do not belive people with post counts of 2 or 3 my numbers are 0 AM 0 Nitrites and 15 ppm nitrates today BEFORE i did the water change ( i always test before) also i am not using stick tests i am using a liquid test kit . For the rest of my tank descriptions i will not be listing all the numbers they are cycled . Also i have very hard water 8.3 PH 300 ppm alkalinity from the tap as i have well water . for filtration i have a 40 gal rated hob filter that i got with the tank when i got it from the guy on craigslist it also has a maineland penguin 350 with the double basket and the biowheels . There are also 2 18 " strip bubblers in the tank .

I also have a 20 gallon heavily planted "tetra" tank with 5 neons 5 glowlight 5 red eye and 5 serpea tetras in it . Also there are 2 albino brushy nose plecos about 2 " each one lone ghost shrimp who got a reprieve from my 55 community when the angles started to eat them after they got huge . and about 200 pond snails . this tank has a "standard" 20 gal hob filter on it as well as a marineland 350 penguin the kind with the double basket and the biowheel it is rated for 75 gallon tank so though some of you may think i have overstocked this 20 gal i assure you the water quality is the best of any of my tanks as it has tons of filtration .

I also have a 55 gal semi planted tank with what were sold to me only as " african chiclids" i think they are a lake malau sp type and they are the largest reason i have wanted to find a good fish forum to get involved in and i really hope that this is the one =) . The fish themselves are about 2 inches to 3 and a half inches in length and there are 6 of them . there is also 1 blood parrot ( a beginner fish mistake we got him and didnt realize he had been breed to have his deformities but we love him now ) who is the most mellow of all these guys but he is also the boss as he is the largest of all the fish except for the next guy who is also the last member of this tank the 7 " Trinidad pleco ( another noobie mistake id rather have all brushy nose )there are only a handfull of pond snails in this tank i guess these guys must thin them because they have taken over everything else to some degree or another, but not here , i even occasionally dump 30 to 40 of them in this tank from the other 55 and they still dont seem to take over . this tank is cycled i did a fishless cycle in this tank for 4 weeks using a combination of rotting spirulena waffers and flake food and pellets and some filter media from my cycled tank . It has been up for a month and a half since the end of the 4 week fishless cycle .

We also have a 10 gal tank with just a small 10 gal filter on it and a single male beta and 1 fairly large maybe 2 inch diameter albino mystery snail , this guy is maybe when you get right down to it our favorite guy when we got him he was like half an inch and in the few months we have been enjoying this hobby he has seemingly quadrupled in size , id imagine its the very hard water we have that he loves . there are probably 100 ish pond snails in this tank . this tank is cycled

We also have a 2 gal little plastic i believe hex tank with a little bubbler under gravel filter it has 1 female beta in it ( another casualty of my noobiness she is now happily away from the male ) , ive been thinking of moving her to the 10 gal and the male to this tank we put her in here because he tore her up one night pretty bad when they were together and i needed to treat her , i got bettafix as id read on one of the numerous posts at many sites i read says that labyrinth breathers can be poisoned by melafix. She is now on the mend her side has totally healed and her tail fin is almost totally grown back also her color has returned and is looking better , part of me wants to leave her in this tank it sits by the couch and she is a very personable fish she will follow my finger up the side of the tank for food . this tank i honestly don't know if its cycled i put a handfiull of gravel from my established tank in it and i change 50 % of the water every 3 days the fish is on the mend so i assume everything is good .

I also have a 2 gal hex tank like the one above it was being used to house pregnant livebearers but today i had sick fish and so it is now being used as a hospital for a silver lyretail molly that was swimming with her head pointing down and a red inflamed area around a lower fin i made a post on this in the FW section but it needs to be approved by a mod before it will be posted i think maybe cause i attached a picture of the sick fish ? this tank is possibly cycled but it is receiving meds and 50 %R daily water change so who knows and not worth wasting cash testing a tank i know needs water changes regardless .

I also have a 2 gal square tank it is saddly now the hospital for one of our favorite fish our 5 or so inch dojo loach i think he was getting picked on by the lone tiger barb and the lone gouramie in the tank he was in and the tress made him weak and susceptible to the infection . Again i posted about this in i think the proper place but it needed to be approved before it could be posted .

Ive been saying we but its basically me hehe everyone else here likes to look at tanks but i do all the work outside of the occasional time someone else feeds ( i always ask them before i feed if they did ).

Anyhow thats what we are currently keeping for fish i look forward to finally having a place to discuss and ask questions in stead of just search google and read till i find a similar problem =)

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Welcome to AA! i hope you find all your answers here. and i think you need to have a certain amount of posts before you can attach pictures. so start posting! can't wait to see pics.
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"2 thousand or so pond snails" That's a bunch of snails...
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Welcome to AA!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, by that post, I'd say you owe us upwards of a dozen pics. XD
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Welcome aboard.


You can view many of my fish and corals in my photo albums in my profile.

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Welcome to AA.
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