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Old 02-18-2013, 01:36 PM   #1
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New Planted Tank

Hi, my name is Brian and over a month ago I got started with my 40 gallon breeder planted tank. I have had a RES for about 6 years and shes been great to keep but I have always appreciated the aquarium setting. Since keeping fish with turtles is near impossible without expecting casualties I decided to create a new aquarium. I ended up acquiring a 40 with the pine stand for $40 in which I sanded and refinished and is now a beautiful addition to my den. I LOVE the look of a natural planted tank so that was my goal and I'm slowly learning. Here is my setup: 40 gallon breeder, Fluval 304 filled with Bio media (levels all zero), Eco-Complete substrate, driftwood (not sure what type but its a softer wood/not contaminated), slate caves. Now for plants and fish: Three java ferns, one amazon sword, micro swords, and three anubias nana/ 5 goldfish (want to lose them but dont have the heart ), 15 neon tetras, 3 albino and 3 emerald corys, one betta, and two german blue rams (both male acquiring females soon). Im not sure if this is too over cowded as I dont think so and my filter has been doing an excellent job as I have been monitoring it closely due to the sensitivity of the rams who I love. Everyone gets along famously including the betta who has actually mellowed out incredibly with the addtion of more tank mates. The only tussles are between the two male rams who constantly face off (non threateningly) for dominance of the tank. Back to the plants, im currently dosing Excel every other day and AquariumFertilizers "Macro-Micro" fertilizer once a day. My greatest issue is the amount of light as I am only providing 1W per gallon currently for 8 hours a day. I just recently purchased a new t5 setup on ebay thats good for 130 watts for about $70 which was a pretty good deal I think. Anyway thats my story any advice is absolutely appreciated. Ill try to upload a vid of my tank. I have some questions but I figure ill accept some criticism or advice first. Glad to be a part of the comunity

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Welcome to the forum Brian

"When creating an aqua scape, strive for the beauty of imperfection, as its art and there is no wrong or right, it's left open for interpretation" James Findley
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to AA! We hope ya enjoy.
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What's up welcome to the forum
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Welcome! I suggest reading about goldfish and tropical fish. Goldfish's general rule is 1 per 20 gallons. Also they are a coldwater fish. Tropical fish require a different temperature. I know money can be tight but at the very least, please separate the goldfish from the tropical fish because of the extremely different needs and not to mention the overcrowdedness the goldfish are already causing for you. Goldfish are messier as well which require more water changes (another reason to have a separate tank.) Hope that helps.
20 gal planted-1 Dwarf Puffer, 1 South American Puffer, 2 Red Eye Tetras, 2 Serpae Tetras, 2 Siamese Algae Eaters, and some random ghost shrimp meant as food. Have 2 ten gallons empty so help me decide (maybe Betta and ADF and a shell dwelling Cichlid tank. Open to suggestions) Visit my T-shirt store https://www.moronsarefunny.spreadshirt.com
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plant, planted, planted tank, tan, tank

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