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New to forum

Hi, I am new. This looks like a great site with alot of knowledge, I hope to make some great friends and learn some stuff too. I have a 90 gal tank I just upgraded from a 55 gal. my tank had been running for 6+ months and was doing great but I wanted to go bigger so I did. Prior to starting the 55 gal. I was new to saltwater but had a freshwater for years so not at all new to aquarium keeping. I still have a freshwater but compared to my saltwater it practically takes care of itself or so it seems that way at least.

Prior to starting I read up alot and got lots of advise as to what to do to start and of course made mistakes but everything has been going pretty well. A short while ago, my 55 gal. was doing so well and their wasn't a whole lot more I could add to it, so I wanted to go larger. Instead of buying bigger and transfering my husband suggested just starting a 2nd tank so we purchased a 90 gal and started over with that. Everything was fine until 1 of the fish looked sick. I moved him to QT but then a few others started to have the same symptoms so I moved them. Started a Ick/Velvet treatment tried a few other things but the fish never seemed to get better but not really worse either. They ate and seemed normal but they would rub against rocks and swim wildly around. After weeks 3-4 the 1st fish finally died after he refused eating for 2-3 days. The 2nd fish seemed to recover completely, so I placed him back in the tank. The 3rd fish is still alive after treating him with several medications but has not gotten any better and is still in QT.

After reading about parsites and feeling like I still hadn't gotten rid of it entirely. I still had several other fish in the tank who never were effected but was afraid it was only a matter of time I desided to dry the tank out. So I drained it and put it outside rocks and sand to dry for 2-3 days. I then desided to sell my 55 gal. setup and transfer everything to the 90 gal. as everything was getting too much to take care of. I tried to keep alot of my water from my 55 gal. the filter and a couple cups of the live sand to establish the 90gal. as well as the live rock. I tested everything before putting everything back in and drip acclimated them prior to transfering them but several hours later my 3 largest fish died, I think do to stress. Also alot of my snails didn't make it, I think due to insufficient algae. Everything else is doing great. I have since replaced the fish that died. Consequantly, I desided to purchase a UV sterilizer.

Ok...back to my 3rd fish in QT. I really don't know what to do about him. He is a large Juvenile Imperator Angel. His tail and side fins are beaten up pretty badly, I think my Blue powder tang was nipping at him alot in the begining but he never seemed affected bye it so I just used stress coat and vitamins to help in the growth. Anyway it's been over a month I've treated him with Rid-Ich, and Melafix. He seemed not affected by the rid-ick but after only 2 treatments with the Melafix he was laying on his side and wouldn't move. I immediatley took him out of the medicated water and kept him in a small pitcher of fresh sea water from my established tank. He didn't look so good for a while but a babied him propted him up and gave him lots of air when he seemed to be gasping for air. He made it through! He also still eats. This has been going on for about a week now. He sits in the tank vertically nose down and only moves around when I feed him which he then tries to swim around and still accepts food. He is now back in the QT tank with fresh unmedicated water. He can't hardly swim bumping into the walls of the tank and miss judges where to swim and he sits in there verticaly nose down. He obviously has a will to survive and a huge heart and it's breaking mine to see him like that. I don't know what to do! Does anyone know why or what has caused this?

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Welcome to AA ... you might wanna post this in the sick fish forum as well, alot more people will see it there...

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Welcome to AA, post some pics of your tank.
90 gallon FW community tank, 5 gallon - electric blue lobster (House of Blue), Marineland Hex 5 - quarantine/hospital tank.
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Originally Posted by Joker741 View Post
Welcome to AA, post some pics of your tank.
I'll post some pics shortly...I had some of my 55 but not since I transfered to the 90gal.
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Welcome to AA.
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Welcome to AA!
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Welcome! And sorry about your losses. I lost 5 of mine recently to ich. Other fish were not effected but still taking precautions.
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