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Old 02-28-2014, 12:25 AM   #1
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Kansas USA
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Thought I Shuld join and say hello :)

Hello ,
I'm new here , and I feeling like I am new to fish keeping I'm not though ,

So let me tell y'all a story lol

Once upon a time , when I lived in England , (feels like another life ago)
I was very hooked on fish , you know how it starts ? A 2 foot tank from the local boot sale , couple of books and a year or so later there are more fish tanks than furniture in your home lol wellllll I'm NOT doing that again . Promise ! Lol

Anyway over about 10 years or so I kept all sorts .
My cichlids wear faves my convict tank <3 my jack Dempseys and there love children , not forgetting my Oscar tank , oh and my angels ,

Then there was my community planted tank , through it all that was my fave , guppies, plecs , beta , sword , rams , cherry barb , kooli loch ? nothing to amazing but mesmerizing to me ,
And my plants wear beautiful , It was as much as garden as a fish tank .
And although some of the fish sound nippy and not so well matched they didn't have issues , they had space , plants , good water , good bacteria and they wear a good bunch .

You know that one horrid event that happens and puts you off something you love? Well
A lot of my fish and plants I lost in one go! Yep ! All at once .

I went on holiday something i hadn't done before (i didnt used to travel lol) and the LFS did holiday tanks , I thought all would be ok , I trusted them.

,when I came back they had sold most of my community ! And all of my bog wood bits that had 4 or 5 year old anubias plants I had tied on and grown , everything

Sooo after that it just wasn't the same , I sold a lot of bits and gave tanks and stuff away ,

Got married , Eventually we moved to Italy , then to Germany , oh in germany i spent a lot of time stalking the LFS lol i was tempted but i knew we would have to move again , and now we are in Kansas USA , this is our last big move for the foreseeable , we bought a house and sooooo

The other weekend I bought my self a little gift !!!

I got a 60g tank , eeeeeekkkkkk!

A bio wheel I may get board and change this but i have always wanted to try one i really don't remember seeing them in uk,


Api liquid Test kit

A bunch of treatments , aqua safe , leaf zone that type of thing

Sand this time I got pool filter sand after reading about it ,in the past I used play sand I loved how it looked and my plants always seemed to thrive , don't remember ever having pool sand as an option before , is that cos I was in England ? Or is it a relatively new idea ,

A huge beautifully shaped bit of bog wood

Some plants , banana <--- impressed I could never find them in England , swords , java moss ,

It's already looking good ,

Fishless (no fish) Cycling for 8days so very early stages , ammonia starting to spike still no nitrate or nitrite readings but that's to be expected really, think I would be a touch concerned if there wear
I keep reading about people adding ammonia , I never did this before and I won't this time , just fish food ,heat not to much , bubbles , plants and TIME never failed before

For now I will spend the next few weeks thinking about the fish I may have .... Even though I already know roughly , I'm going to have a planted community just like my old one that I've missed so much lol

Ill also spend my time reading here refreshing my memory , its crazy how much I have forgotten that I know lol I have been reading posts and thinking well they just need blah blah blah .... So its all in there somewhere .

Looking forward to talking to you all <3

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Old 02-28-2014, 03:26 PM   #2
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Kansas USA
Posts: 14
Okay then .... Thanks for the warm welcomes . :-/
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Old 02-28-2014, 03:52 PM   #3
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Originally Posted by wavedancer View Post
Okay then .... Thanks for the warm welcomes . :-/
Haha give it time, we can't drop everything to say hi!!! But welcome to AA!!!
Fluffy's History!
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Old 02-28-2014, 04:06 PM   #4
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Hello there! Welcome to AA. I think it's amazing that you got to live in some different places. I bet it was a nice experience! It makes me wonder what kind of work you or your spouse does to move around so much (don't mind me, I'm nosey).
A planted community tank will be nice! I've had a Bio-wheel once about 10 years ago. I really liked it for a HOB. Pool filter sand is a nice option. I don't remember it being an option 10 years ago- I always ended up using play sand. Pool filter sand is a lot better though!
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