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Old 09-27-2010, 03:46 PM   #1
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Leaky Eheim 2026 Filter Head

My couple year old Eheim 2026 filter head has slowly started to leak water out the hole where the electrical cord goes in to power the head.

It is still pumping water fine but it will slowly drain most of the tank. As far as I can tell it just started leaking on its own as I noticed 1/2" of water in the bottom of the plastic container it sets in under the stand.

I am not sure if the leak is getting worse or I happened to catch it just as it started because I emptied out the plastic container and let the filter run for awhile and there was a couple of inches leaked after only a few hours.

I noticed a rattling sound (which I do not recall hearing before) from inside the filter head when removing it so I decided to take it apart by removing the four silver screws on the bottom and the two black screws on the top.

Upon opening the filter head there was a loose screw inside which was causing the rattling. I could not see anywhere it came loose from and it might have been there all along. I have no idea if the loose screw is related in any way to the new leak or iit is just a coincidence that I noticed it at this time as well.

I have heard of these Eheim 2026/28 models leaking in a couple of ways:

1) Hairline cracks in the hose connection piece. I have experienced this before on another 2028 filter and had to replace the hose connection piece. This was caused I think because there was contant pressure on the hose connection because of how I routed the hoses. I now always try make sure the hoses go straight into the connection piece.

This is NOT the same type of leak I am experiencing now and I see/feel no water drippng out around the hose connection piece at all.

2) Internal Pump Head Gasket problems. I have a write up on how to dis-assemble the filter head on this model and replace this specific gasket.

Replacing the Priming O-Ring on an Eheim Pro II Series Filter by Sergio

I followed it and and cleaned and relubed with silicone the existing gasket and the filter head still leaked after re-assembly (no more rattling after removing the loose screw and it pumped much easier as the prior factory grease was drying out).

Since the relube failed I ordered a new Eheim replacement gasket off the web and dis-assembled the head again and installed and lubed the new gasket (which seemed tighter) as per the writeup hoping this would solve the problem. After re-assembly it is STILL slowly leaking water out of the same power cord hole in the filter head.

I am sure that normally there would be no loose water in the filter head and I have never seen any of my other Eheim 2026/28 filters leak from this specific spot.

The site that sold me the replacement O-Ring gasket could not explain the extra loose screw in the filter head as their writeup does not mention any other screws in the filter head. I am guessing the extra loose screw my have been an Eheim assembly error and has no relation to the current leak.

I tried contacting Eheim Customer Service through their web site and got no reply and I am sure it would not be worth trying to get them to fix it.

Has anyone else ever experienced water leaking out of their Eheim 2026/28 filter heads and if so were you able to correct the leak?

Since the filter seems to still pump fine I am not sure if I should:

1) Retire it as is and use it for spare parts (or at least look for a replacement filter head).
2) Seal the quarter inch hole where it leaks with silicone and just use it with water always in the head.
3) Continue to try to resolve the problem as it is an expensive filter.

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Old 09-28-2010, 10:37 AM   #2
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you could try sealing the hole where it leaks, however that may just force the water to find another exit furthering your problem.... IMO, just get a new one! i swear by my Eheim classic 2217 and i personally know people that have the classics running for 10+ yrs with no problems. and in the grand scheme of things, its a good investment which is really NOT that expensive especially since it will give you a piece of mind that you dont have a leak!
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Old 10-04-2010, 03:00 PM   #3
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Seemed to have solved my problem.

One of two things fixed it, I am not sure which one as they were done together:

1) I noticed that the bottom of the filter head on one corner was roughed up like it had bumped into something. I could feel a distinct ridge with my finger tip where the plastic bulged and figured that might not be allowing the head to set cleanly tight. I took some different grades of sandpaper and sanded it down until it was smooth likethe other corners.

2) I also removed the clear plastic flow regulator piece piece from inside the head and re-lubed the gasket on the bottom with silicone before re-seating it. This seemed like the only other place where water could be getting in the head based on water flow.

Started it up and and it seems to NOT be leaking anymore................
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Old 10-04-2010, 03:01 PM   #4
Aquarium Advice FINatic
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Whitestone, Queens, NY
Posts: 592
a DIY fix is always in favor! congrats and good work! hope it holds!
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2026, eheim, ehiem, filter, leaking

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