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Old 11-15-2010, 06:14 PM   #21
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Thanks for your thoughts here, Bill; let me reply to each sentiment because we may make some leeway here...

Originally Posted by BillD View Post
I would agree with removing the carbon and replacing with a second sponge. i would not put the biomax between the two sponges. The biomax needs to be kept clean, so is best on top of the sponges.
Okay -- I shall keep the biomax mesh pack on top of the sponge block...

If you want to improve fine particulate filtration, you can add some filter floss, which is just polyester batting of the type used to fill pillows, between the two sponges. I say between the two sponges as it will stay put there, although it may clog quickly. The sponge's purpose is not strictly mechanical as some would have you believe, but rather mechanical and bilogical. Prior to the renaming of the AC110, from AC500, it did not have biomax and still filtered biologically with only the sponge. Obviously, adding a second sponge will raise the filters total capability significantly.
Okay, well, for the time being, is it alright to leave the carbon in place with the one sponge and biomax? Indeed, I understand the model was called the 500 before 110...

Reducing the flow should not have any meaningful effect on how long it takes for the filter to cycle, but if you are trying to polish the water, it may clean up more quickly at full force.
Okay; indeed I am trying to polish the water, so I have been leaving it at max output -- the only thing I was concerned with in regard to the flow was the turbulence the return was creating for the fish, who seem to be blown about when they pass it, and the swaying of the tall plants in front of it...

Having the tank full to the rim will help reduce the waterfall effect.
Yes, indeed I am aware of this -- I normally fill it to the rim when replacing a load after a major evaporation.

ACs are great filters, because of the amount of varying media that can be used in them. Do not replace sponge inserts and biomax until they start to disintegrate. Clean them out in tank water as necessary. They will last for years, which is the other benefit of AC filters; low cost of consumables.
I've been told this about the AquaClears as well; do you not recommend following Hagen's suggestions in the manual about when to change each of the media elements?

Lastly, keep in mind that there are very few people who frequent forums that don't know significantly more about filtration than the manufacturers of filters. It is a wonder they stay in business.
Is this really true? Man...the email conversation I was having with a rep from Aqueon painted a different picture; he assured me my ONE QuietFlow 55 was more than enough for the 60 gallon, and that he has seen people with much larger tanks running that filter...

As far as Purigen goes, if you were to use it I would place it on top, as the last media, or immediately beneath the biomax. I have never found a need for it, but if it does what it says it does, it might be helpful in your situation.
Thanks for this clarification -- no pun intended. I actually saw a YouTube video a guy from AquaticsCommunity made me in which he showed the results of Purigen with his Ranchu tank, and the water was just RIDICULOUSLY clear...it was like transparent it was so clear, as if there was no water in the tank. I was amazed. I'd like to try it, but is it okay to put it above the sponge, but before the biomax?

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Old 11-16-2010, 11:22 AM   #22
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I am glad you are seeing some results. You can leave the carbon in for now, but I would replace it with a second sponge, at some point. Also, it really isn't necessary to replace the sponges until they start to deteriorate; I have some that are over ten years old that are still in use. I was being facetious about the lack of knowledge of filter manufacturers. I have seen some rather large setups with minimal filtration that work well, and yet you will see that many will advocate 2 or 3 times what the manufacturer recommends. Redundancy in case of problems is the common reason, and one you can't argue with. However, you will get as many responses claiming the filters are not capable of what the manufacturer recommends and you need to go much larger or with multiples. The bottom line is that if the tank is running with 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite, the filter is adequate. Nitrate is controlled by regular partial water changes. Adding filtration will not lower the levels of ammonia and nitrite below zero, nor will it lower the amount of nitrate produced. Large filters that are allowed to hold vast amounts of crud, are the same as not cleaning the tank. Anything in the filter must be considered still in the tank.
If you were to put the Purigen above the sponge and below the Biomax, I don't see any problem.

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Old 11-16-2010, 06:32 PM   #23
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Is this really true? Man...the email conversation I was having with a rep from Aqueon painted a different picture; he assured me my ONE QuietFlow 55 was more than enough for the 60 gallon, and that he has seen people with much larger tanks running that filter.
What's possible and what's smart are often two different things. I've found it's much easier to maintain a healthy state in my tanks if I have oversized filters. I could use a smaller filter if I put fewer fish in the tank, but who wants to do that?

Here's my filters-tank combos:

20H - AC30 - Thinking about upgrading to an AC50 impeller for more water flow and better filtration.

20L - AC50 - Adequate filtration, but thinking about upgrading to an AC70 impeller for better water flow.

29g - AC70

40B - AC110 - Currently cycling
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Old 11-17-2010, 06:03 PM   #24
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Thanks, Bill and Jim.

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aquaclear, clear

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