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Old 06-03-2006, 06:56 AM   #21
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Thanks Bill, And yes I'm going to start in on the next breeding with 2new female. That took me 4 months to find. I went throw a inporter from Thailand and breeder in Asia. The one I'm geting from thailand has 3 of the 5 things I was looking for in finding the trates I need to insure I'm not doing a wal-mart type deal. By taking two steps back
1. By not being able to trace the color of the parents.
2. No visable signs of having any black in the blood either on her or from the parents.
The female from Thailand is a 3/4's black with a hint of red. The colors alone in her is one of the trates I'm looking for in a new female. I wanted to keep in line with the colors my males have in them already. So this way I'm not adding another color to the line that I'd have to breed out again. By keeping with the colors the one male has it will insure that the black is the main color. That will come out { finger crossed } there's alway the chance that tha under color . In this case red could be the domanent color in the blood line
You will always run a wricks that by adding a differnt blood line to any breeding step that the other blood line is just the oppesit of what your looking for. But by this female having 3 of the 5 trates I'm looking for in any male or female to be added to the line. My chances are 80% to 20% that the black is the under lieing color I need.
Then the ones coming from Asia is a male female sibling pr. this wil give me 5 differnt ways of breeding to pull the colors I'm needing out in the next 3 fry for sure. If the blak on this pairis ture and not a false possative in the DNA.This sibling pair houses 5 of 5 trates I'm wanting in the fill in so to say. LOL in this pr.
1.The both parents or from differnt frys and in both I have traced the black and blue back 2 genarations in both the parents and there parents. { this was ahuges huges step forward }
3. The female has more black then blue on her. This is another plus as the female will be the sex that will give the color to the males of the fry. Where as the Dad will do the same for the females of the fry.
4. Not only does the pr hve blak on them ad black going back 2 genarations. But the black is in the leading edges of the anual fin and tail fin in both male and female.
5. Yhe black isn't shadow olor in them { In other words the back is completly visble in both the under laying and top colors } So with both the females showing great signs of black and the single male is showing large amounts of black thouw out his body. This will give me a advantage in the next fry that by breding my pr togeather again won't.

Then as far as the super tail breeding line goes. I wont have to worrie at all about line breeing a siblings togeather every in that group. For 1 I've only breed the best finage of each fry with the best finage from another fry where as to not be cross breeding them. By cross breeding I won't be building this trate into the frys to come. I'd just be breeding the long fins into a future frys from this group only. where as by breeding differnt males to differnt females. This will only add to the gens of the super tail and bring it a stepcloser t beable to breed a soild line of nothing but super tails on eh and every one of the maes in the fry. it's like I always say " I may be the pitcher on the team. But I still need to cover all the bases. " So I can even take the longest fins from my black breeding project and breed those into the superfin blood line. Hopfuly this new spices will be complete in a tear atthe latest. I have breed some pretty remarkable long fins already, The ones I've bree togeather already is show a 75% fry of long fins already I just need work on color and finage in the same frys.
Man how cool would that be to beable to breed a super til soild balck pr where the male has 4inches long fins and is a super dark shade of soil black wih red eyes. WOW WOW WOW that's what I'm going to build. For if I build it I can sell it also and marke it. LOl a dream coming ture with every fry,

I want to Apolagizes to HoVoc for getting off the subject of his pot and hopfully some of what i'm saying will help him in his breeding to get him a male of the color he's wanting to get.

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Well Im thinking her colo change is going along with her being with eggs, as ou guys have said. IM seeing a little white bump on the under side of her, and Im thinking thats her egg tube as ive read before.
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Old 06-05-2006, 05:21 AM   #23
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That's it the egg tube. LOL Now if she's with eggs it's time to add her to the males tank and after a day or two you'll hae breed your betta's 24 to 36hrs later you'll have babys learning to swim. Now are you ready with food for the fry? After 4 to 5 days once there swimming like a normal fish and the egg shack is gone. They'll be needing food. There's several ways of feeding them and one that's super easy and dirt cheap. You can fed them boiled egg yolk. Now this my sound stupid but I've had people ask what kind a egg so many times before. But you use chicken eggs. LOL I'm going to give you alink to how you can prepare them but I never make quit so much of it as in the link.
I take and wet my tumb then rub it str8 on the boiled egg yolk. Then just add what rubs off on my finger to the tank. Being carful not to add to much cause the yolk can sour the water pretty fast. After about 15mins. I take a piece of air line tubing and suck the remainder of the egg yok out of the tank. I always use a white pitcher or white bowl to put the water in cause you will suck some of the fry up in the tube. With the white bowl you can see them really easy ad then I use syringes to remove them from the bowl an place them back in the tank.

Now here's a few links to food and making a brine shrimp hatchery to hatch your own food for them:



Good luck and anything else I can help with let me know. I'm more then happy to help for breeding betta's is my thing i love growing the fry out and seeing if there's one I want to keep or use in my project black vail tail and long fin spices. lOl good luck
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