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Commonly used abbreviations on Aquarium Advice
03 - sometimes used for actinic lighting
AC - Activated carbon, chemical filtration media / alternating current
acro - Acropora, a type of SPS coral
AFAIK - As far as I know
AFM - Aquarium Fish Monthly, magazine
AISI - As I see it ALK - Alkalinity, measure of buffering capacity of water
ASAP - As soon as possible
BTW - By the way
Ca - Calcium
CaCl2 - Calcium chloride
CaCO3 - Calcium carbonate Ca(OH)2 - Calcium hydroxide
CC - Crushed Coral
Cl - Chlorine
CO2 - Carbon dioxide
CO3 - Carbonate
cuke - Sea cucumber, typically the sand sifting variety
Cu - Copper
CYANO - Cyanobacteria
DC - Direct current
DI - Deionisation, type of water purification
DIY - Do it yourself
dKH - Degrees of carbonate hardness, measure of alkalinity
DO - Dissolve oxygen
DOC - Dissolved organic carbon
FAQ - Frequently ask question
Fe - Iron
FO -Fish only, type of marine aquarium
FOWLR - Fish Only with Live Rock
frag(s) - Broken or cut pieces of coral which will eventually grow into a new animal
FW - Freshwater
FWIW - For what its worth
FYI - For your information
GAL - Gallon
GPH - Gallons per hour
HCO3 - Hydrogen carbonate
HD - Home Depot (home improvement store)
HO - High output fluorescent light
HOB - Hang on back
HOT - Hang On Tank
HSA - High speed aeration, type of proteins skimmer
HTH - Hope this helps
I - Iodide (or just plan I)
IIRC= if i recall correctly
I2 - Iodine
ID - Identify
IMO - In my opinion
IO3 - Iodate
JMO - just my opinion
K - kelvin (mechanism for measuring spectrum of lighting)
KALK - Kalkwasser, German for calcium hydroxide solution or limewater
KI - Potassium iodide
LFS - Local fish store
LHS - Local hardware store
LOL -Laughing out loud
LPS -Large polyped Scleractinian (stony) coral
LR -Live rock
LS - Live Sand
LT - Litre
macro - macroalgae
MEQ/L - Milli-equivalents per litre, measure of alkalinity
Mg - Magnesium
MG/L - Milligrams per litre
MH - Metal halide light
micro - microalgae
MO - Mail order
Na - Sodium
NaCO3 - Sodium carbonate
NaOH - Sodium hydroxide
NH3 - Ammonia
NH4 - Ammonium
NNR - Natural nitrate reduction, reef setup technique
NO - Normal output fluorescent light
NO2 - Nitrite
NO3 - Nitrate
NSW - Natural seawater
O2 - Oxygen
OP - original poster
PC - Power compact fluorescent light
pH - Measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions
PH - Powerhead, water pump
PO4 - Phosohate
pods - Non-specific types of copepods, amphipods and such.
PPM - Parts per million, equivalent to mg/l (milligrams per litre)
PM - private message
PVC - Poly vinyl chloride, used for piping / plumbing
PWC = partial water change
RO - Reverse osmosis, type of water purification
RO/DI - Reverse osmosis, followed by deionisation, type of water purification
ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLOL - Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
RTN - Rapid tissue necrosis
RUGF -Reverse flow undergravel filter
SG - Specific gravity
shrooms - Mushrooms
Si -Silicon
SiO2 - Silicon dioxide
SPS - Small polyped Scleractinian (stony) coral
Sr - Strontium
SW - Saltwater / seawater
TIA - Thanks in Advance
UGF - Under gravel filter
UV - Ultra violet, type of light of shorter wavelength than visible light
UVS - Ultra violet Sterilizer (a unit used by saltwater and freshwater hobbiests to 'zap' parasites and bacteria from the water)
VHO - Very high output fluorescent light
W - Watts
WC - water change
WPG - watts per gallon
WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get

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