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10g Shrimp Jungle
Substrate: Flourite sand topped w Tahitian Moon Sand
Ferts: Osmocote Plus root tabs (DIY), weekly dose Seachem Flourish (comprehensive). May try dosing daily, not sure yet.
Lighting: 2 screw in mini CFLs ZooMed UltraSun 6,500K
var. Crypts
C. lucens
C. wendtii "Mi Oya"
C. retrospiralis
Ludwigia Repens
Dwarf Chain Sword
Var. Mosses
Xmas etc...
Myriophyllium Mattagrossense
Amazon Frogbit
Java Fern
Bacopa sp. (?)
Dwarf Red Tiger Water Lily
Ludwigia "Red"
Moss Ball

Shrimp RCS/CRS
Threadfin Rainbows
2 Scarlet Badis
Corydoras habrosus
Pond Snails
Baby RCS
Several generations of RCS feeding
Gravid RCS with older juveniles
We love our Moss Ball ! Wheee !
Club member :)
Corys n Shrimp n Otos
Some of my fish this morning. Very hard to get pics
Dwarf tiger Water Lily
My centerpiece C wendtii Mi Oya
Crypt lucens
Just after major trim.
After a trimming.
FTS (some IAL leaves are the brown patches)
image 310694060
Threadfin Rainbow males
Scarlet Badis (1 pair)
Feeding time
Threadfin Rainbow males showing off
Corydoras habrosus (5 total)
Red Cherry Shrimp and Otto
Crystal Red Shrimp female
Celestial Pearl Danio
C habrosus playing on Moss ball
image 1012015052

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