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55g Planted Community Tank--dismantled
55g planted community tank. It currently has three panda corys, two Sterba's corys, and 4 Nerite Snails, with five Black Neon Tetras in quarantine (and one in the betta tank that will move over when the school does). Planned tankmates: M/F Pearl Gourami, Peppered Corys (from Betta tank), Pitbull Plecos, and either more Black Neons, X-Ray tetras, or both.

Plants: Jungle Val, Red Jungle Val, Amazon Sword, Bacopa/Moneywort, Anubias, Java Fern, Hornwort, Riccia, Micro Sword.
Full Tank Shot
Cory Meeting!
Corys onna rock
Who are you?
Cory Cave
Corys on Amazon Swords
Sterba's Cory
Panda Corys

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