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My 20L FW. Rescaped 10/2012 with Eco-Complete, java moss, Cabomba. Added Danios and Ghost shrimp
January 2017
Sometime in 2015 I think
June 2017
Before and after top view
Left, middle, and right sections of planted tank. 10/09/2013
Update: Replanted four leaf clover 
Here is a before and after shot of trimming the plants 
While thinning out the tank, I pulled out this clump of broadleaf chain swords.
Just pulled this out of the tank. The clump of broadleaf chain swords seem to be connected by runners.
8/20/2013 after trimming
image 1492503292
image 1369787164
6/15/2013 - Removed large moss covered DW, trimmed Bacopa and replanted stems. Plan to add smaller DW to fill in some of the open area on the left...
Malaysian Trumpet Snails have been busy eating algae off the tank walls, plants, and gravel.
I think the floating plants are getting out of hand. The number of plants appear to double in about a weeks time. I have been scooping them out and...
Updated pic from 5/9/13: Bacopa carolinana replaced the Cabomba in the middle of the tank; most of the Crypt wendtii from the front left corner...
1/19/2013 After moving some of the plants around
Another angle
Left side of tank with moss on driftwood and dark (quiet) area
I underestimated the size of the Sagitteria chilensis in a 20g long; later moved the Ambulia to a spot with more light
Moss ball; Crypto wendtii green and red;
Dwarf Sag in the foreground; Cambomba behind it
Crypto parva
Newly planted 1/18/13

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