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Conversation Between Jaeroo and Finntastic
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  1. Finntastic
    Ember tetras are great for a 10g. They are small, schooling, and stunning. Their red coloration makes them stand out from the green plants.
  2. Finntastic
    Some nano rasboras in the Boraras family would look nice. They are an active schooling fish that is typically very small and do really well in nano tanks. You could have some nano shrimp. Or maybe a betta.
  3. Jaeroo
    06-07-2015 07:37 PM
    I will definitely get more Kuhlis, I love them! I don't know what else I'm getting as far as stocking goes.
  4. Finntastic
    Ok I can wait since. Are you planning on adding any other fish into that tank with the loach? Some more kuhli's would look great.
  5. Jaeroo
    06-07-2015 06:31 PM
    Hey, my plants haven't blown up yet but I may once they do. And thanks!
  6. Finntastic
    Are you willing to sell clippings of the plants? I had to ask since I am slowly trying to convert my 40g community tank into planted tanks and I am slowly setting up my 55g plan for planting. And you've got a great looking Kuhli Loach.

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