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  1. CheezDoodles
    Hi. I'm cycling a 5 gallon for a betta and I'm just curious about tankmates. I feel that adding only a betta in there is kinda boring so I was wondering if I could put some other fish in there. I want to put a few endlers or white cloud minnows in there. Perhaps some tetras or dwarf rosboras. If I can't add fish, i'll probably add cherry shrimp. It's planted with driftwood. So my question is:
    1) What fish can I put in there? How many?
    2) If no fish, how many cherry shrimp?
    Thanks! It really helps
  2. CheezDoodles
    Hi Iím just cycling a ten gallon. Itís been 3 weeks now and there are WORMS all Iíve the rocks and glass. The bigger ones are 4 cm. The smaller are 0.5 cm. The ones on the glass are white and the ones in the rocks are literally the COLOUR of the rocks. What kind of worms are they? Are they harmful. And most importantly, HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM?
  3. CheezDoodles
    I'm getting ready for a 10 gallon betta tank. I was wondering if I could also put 2 cories (1 pepper, 1 3-stripe) in there as well as the actual betta. Would that be over stocked? I''m doing this because in the tank that they are living in right now, is a 20 gallon with guppies and platies. The cories can't get to the food in time. Not even the sinking algae wafers! The other fish are being overfed because of this and I have gravel for a substrate so they can't dig well. In my betta tank, I have sand as a substrate so I can easily bury the food under the sand for the cories to find. So I'm asking 2 questions here,
    1) How do I make sure my cories are fed
    2) Can I put 2 cories (1 peppered, 1 3-stripe) in a 10 gallon tank along with a betta fish
  4. CheezDoodles
    Help! I just got a peppered corydora catfish today and it haven't moved as much as I hoped it would. It just sits in the plants and does nothing. Ammonia, nirate, and nirite are all 0 and pH is 7.2. I'm really worried and I don't want it to die!

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    I have a 20 gallon freshwater planted aquarium with 6 guppies, 2 platies, 2 cories (one peppered, one 3-stripe), and 3 nerite snails! Ammonia, nitrate, nitrite 0. pH 7.2. %25 water changes every 2 weeks.


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