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  1. tunamanphd
    Merry Christmas!
  2. tunamanphd
    Happy Thanksgiving !
  3. tunamanphd
    DPG Sale happening now . I think it goes until 2/3/18
  4. tunamanphd
    Merry christmas!!
  5. coralbandit
    I feed golden pearls and Premium Grow Meal #2 and three for fish over 1 inch.
    The golden pearls should be 500 or 800 micron IMO.
    You can feed your fish the first day IMO as I know some shipper fast the fish already and pet stores are stingy feeding IMO. As for feeding as many times a day as they will eat and you manage to keep up with water quality.2 should be more then they are used to..mbkemp keeps awesome Bolivians so I would follow any advice he would offer.
  6. Nostromo
    11-12-2017 11:28 AM
    My nitrites are now down to 0.25pmm, so my cycle is almost done . Probably be getting my Bolivian Rams next week . I will be getting two, so I need help with food , in what to get they probably eat the same food as German blue rams do. I am thinking of getting New Life Spectrum Thera +A, which is for fish that is stressed and that are newly acquired so they resist stress better what are your thoughts on this? I have never had rams before so I want to get the best food for them, please can you recommend in what I should be feeding them regarding the size , the name of the food, and how much and how often do I need to be feeding 2 rams. Plus when I put them in , do I wait 3 days before I try to feed them, so they settle down and get used to there new surroundings any help on this greatly appreciated
  7. Nostromo
    11-06-2017 01:00 PM
    Hi I was told to contact you from V227, I am interested in having Bolivian Rams in my tank. It is a 55 gallon tank with a gravel substrate, with artificial plants , a log with holes in it and a humped bridge, Currently have a aqueon 75 filter on my tank, have a Aqua clear 70 power filter coming this week it is going on to the tank as well. I have a air curtain on but will be turning that off as soon as my fishless cycle is finished it is currently in high gear at the moment . I was told to have one male to two females. They will be sharing with 6 Boesemani Rainbow fish , I hope my numbers is okay for my size of tank. I was thinking of putting in the Bolivian Rams in first and rainbows last would this be okay? What else should I know about keeping them? This is my first time with rams my ph is 7.5. What is the best food for them?
  8. discusbreeder
    Tom I joined to keep up with you.
  9. coralbandit
    Larry the fixes are a tree oil that is not good for labirynth fish from my reading.
    Look for real meds on the same site of this link after you read it..
    Organic Aquarium Treatments; Melaluca, Pimenta, Naphthoquinones
  10. Larry Little
    Hello coralbandit -- Another member recommended I contact you to ask about using Melafix in a Betta tank. Roughly 12-gallon (actual water capacity) tank 48'Lx6'Wx12"H divided into thirds with three male bettas; gravel substrate, live plants, two larger river stones in each section and sponge bubbler filters in each. 50% water changes weekly until the last 3 weeks. In that time my tank has been clouding up rapidly; I've been doing 75% - 90% water changes about every 4 days. I keep the temperature within one tenth of a degree during changes; use Stress Coat with each change. The last water change was Sunday and the chemistry was well within acceptable parameters. It now appears that the fishes are rapidly developing fin rot. I began using Melafix yesterday, but have read conflicting articles concerning its use with Bettas. I was told that you are the one to ask.

    Can you help?


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