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Homedog98 is a friend to many fishHomedog98 is a friend to many fishHomedog98 is a friend to many fishHomedog98 is a friend to many fishHomedog98 is a friend to many fishHomedog98 is a friend to many fish

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  1. Homedog98
    Pacus get huge and need much bigger tanks. I'll need to double check but I think clown loaches need a bigger tank too. Maybe a rainbow shark, or since you seem to like the aggressive fish, some African cichlids?
  2. sherlock1315
    Do you have a good exact species set up I could use that includes pacus or clown loaches? I WANT A PACU... I got my cousins family into fish so they just bought 2 20g tanks with everything... (they bought one and then the next day they asked if they could have one of my tanks...
  3. sherlock1315
    Good news I got a 55g aquarium with LED lights and everything including glow in the dark gravel! I was going to get a 75g but I chose to get a 55 and get way more things for it including decor and plants!
  4. Homedog98
    You really should try and find a better home for him... Other then craigslist. It's too likely you'll get someone that won't know how to care for him. Definitely try and find an aquarium or even a zoo that will be able to rehabilitate him.
  5. sherlock1315
    sorry i had to delete some things... my message was too long
  6. sherlock1315
    I really don't think it's ready to go back there because he's still small and competes with the other turtles for food... In other words, I found him half dead... + The place I found him is supposed to be a kids swimming area and I don't think he's supposed to be there... He nearly snapped my friends finger off because he was being stupid and trying to pet him... I've also found that they are threatened so idk if I should keep him... Maybe I could give him to a aquarium. I'm sure they couold have a room for it! I got 2 new male guppies, 2 new female platies ... I asked the guy for 1 male 1 female but they both look like females. + I also got 1 albino cory . For some reason my angel has gotten thicker starting from its ventral and pectoral fins. Except it is the only angelfish in there besides the one that died in the beginning. There are 2 filters and there is one more coming when the turtle goes. But anyway what should the temp. be right now... its stable between 80 and 84 degrees.
  7. sherlock1315
    I need to get rid of the turtle fast.
  8. sherlock1315
    Said somehting about gov qewp
  9. sherlock1315
    Oh, dang it I just put it on craigslist for $40-$70..... Anyway... Did you somehow get my phone # because I got a txt and I have no clue who it was and it said something like laurenhfhprx@aol.com
  10. sherlock1315
    OK... The turtle is really clean but he STINKS for no reason... +for my birthday i'm going to get a tank that is at least 60g and it might be a saltwater... So for now i'm trying to make some money to go toward that and im going to sell 2 of my 20g tanks with the hood and light... I know most people wouldn't want a used one though... How much could I sell each tank for? + How big do saltwater tanks have to be... And I understand that you shoudn't talk to people you don't know but if you're allowed, can you use a phone so its faster...

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  • About Homedog98
    Love animals of all sorts. New to fish
    Future vet
    My Tanks
    I have 2 tanks now. First up is the ten, right now it just has my new Betta sparky, but is about to have:
    6 neon tetras
    3 ottos
    2 African dwarf frogs
    1 male betta.

    The 29 gallon is almost done cycling, and when it finishes, will gave this stocking:
    6 black skirt tetras
    6 rummynose tetras
    6 orange laser cories
    2 Bolivian rams (pair)
    1 starlight bristlenose pleco
    And possibly a Molly.


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