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  • About Patty1980
    I am an ICU RN, married with 3 boys.
    Registered Nurse
    My Tanks
    5g planted (anubia nana/moss ball) with sand substrate. Heater, Whisper filter-1 male crowntail. Feed API betta pellets 3-5 daily (one fast per week) frozen bloodworms/peas once per week.
    20g planted/DW (anubia, java fern, moss balls) sand substrate. Heat 75F, Aqueon Quietflow 30-2 male dwarf Gourami (I know-temporary) 4 peppered cory, 5 zebra danio, 12 neon, 2 ADF, 1 assassin snail. Feed alternating Omega One tropical flakes, API also, Hikari tropical pellets, Aquatic frog pellets, API algae wafers, peas, garlic, occasional frozen bloodworms as a treat.
    55g, sand substrate, heat 81F, 2 Aqueon Quietflow 50- 1 juvenille tiger oscar. Feeding 3-4 times daily alternating Omega One small cichlid pellets, Hikari protien sticks, live crickets, live earthworms, peas, occasional frozen bloodworms
    I do 1 weekly 50% wc on the two smaller tanks using Prime, dose Leaf Zone, occasional Stress Zyme, root tabs for my java fern. 2 weekly 50-75% wc on the Oscar tank.


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