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Mike Koepp 02-03-2008 03:09 PM

Got a new 265 gal tank. What filters?
I am new to this forum and find it very helpfull. I am looking into setting up my new tank. Everywhere I call I can't get answers for everything. I searched and found this forum.

Here are some of my starter questions. Please feel free to agree or disagree so I can learn. Please consider me a newbie.

I have two Emperor 400 filters already and I am looking for a canister to run with them. Low maintance and the electric bill is also thought.

I am going to run a 265 freshwater tank with Muskies, Walleyes, Perch, Bluegills, etc. More or less pond fish. I am a 46 year old fishing guide and want to see what I fish for all the time. LOL

What would be my best choise?
Eheim Pro 3 2080
Eheim Pro 3 E 2078
Eheim 2260
FX5 maybe?

Watt is 30 or 50 watts. Should I be thinks about this?

Looking for any advice at all.

It is legal to have these fish if bought from a premitted fish store or from a fish farm with a permit.

I work with the local DNR and help stock our local lakes. The fish is not the problem, its the unknown variable of filtration. I need to keep this tank clean and stable. I know my variables are somewhat unknown. I want to have a Muskie, a few walleyes, some perch and maybe a few other fish. I will be starting with fish under 5-inches.

I know a bunch of other people who have these fish. Muskie are lean mean eating machines. The tank will have lots of competition for food. This is why I like see this in my home. I guide for these fish daily and like to see how they act under different situations.

Looking for filter advice please.

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