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HoCkEyGmC 01-05-2009 09:53 PM

Scrapping old plans, new ones are here!
well for now i am postphoning the whole 30 fw lightly planted tank. i have now realized that i wont have the time to breed and i know i could just let the fry be food but i dont need another 30 gallons to take care of so that will just stay how it is for now. and i dont know if anyone read y other post but while i was in aruba my pico reef that i was going to be picking up progress with when i got back completely crashed. 100%. sexy shrimp dead, snails dead, and hermits dead. that was it. now im just going to move the lr to the back of the nanocube and drain the little 3 gallon. and whenever i get around to it which will be very soon, im going to be making it into a nice little planted tank! i think just a few neons will be it. then i can work on my plant skills and i will decide if i want to move on with the 30. so im going to be getting my feet wet. ill get quite a few tiny pieces of driftwood or one nicely sized piece, throw in some moss and other things(ill need help with plants, not a clue on any of them). but yeah thats the new plan for now.

jim692 01-05-2009 10:01 PM

ouch. sorry to hear about the crash. planted neon tank sounds cool tho

FishCrazyBenBOMB 01-05-2009 10:10 PM

Sorry to here about your crash man, that's always a downer.

What I suggest for that small FW tank your planning on doing.

I wouldn't put neons in it, that would be too small for them, 5 gallon tank is pushing it, I suggest a nice simple shrimp only tank. With a nice carpet of some kind, either christmas moss or flame moss for a lower light system, dwarf hairgrass or HC for a more medium to higher light system. Then have a nice tallish plant that will eventually grow up and drap over the top of the tank, like corkscrew val, something like that.

HoCkEyGmC 01-05-2009 11:44 PM

it has 18 watt 50/50 lighting already if that means anything to anybody. yeah it sucked but now im looking forward to not having to deal with the salinity on that small of a tank.

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