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staplemonger 01-10-2009 06:26 PM

New 55 Gal tank off level
Hey guys, I'm Jeff and I'm new here. Nice to meet all you! Anyway, I recently got and set up my first tank, a 55 gal freshwater. It's on a faux wood floor in my apartment, not carpet. I thought that the tank sat pretty level but I'm seeing the water level off on one end by a few cm. Also, I've noticed that after I already went and filled the think, the aquarium isn't sitting entirely even on the stand-maybe one or two mm off from being perfectly even. I've been reading on here about the twisting forces of doom and I was wondering what exactly I should be worried about and how to check for said problems. I was planning on doing a water change in the next few days at which point I was going to make sure the aquarium was perfectly even along the stand, but other than that I wouldn't know how to make the water any more level. Thanks for all your help!

Zagz 01-10-2009 06:29 PM

Welcome to AA! A little bit unlevel is common in aquarium tanks. But only a bit. I would do the water change and make sure the tank is set right on the stand. You can use shims under the stand if the tank remains unlevel after you set it square on the stand.

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