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Brad.Sedore 01-11-2009 01:59 AM

Green Puffer Tank?
i am considering making a tank solely devoted to a few 3-4 (or more if space permits) green puffers. now my questions are

i know they are brackish... but what exactly does that mean... what kind of SG am i looking at?

secondly what size tank should i be gunning for? 60? 90? 150?

thats basicly it for now... just trying to get a feel for what id be into to start this. i had one of these fish before... but it was a unresearched and ilinformed buy and loved it... but now id like to have a few and do it right

thank you

meegosh 01-13-2009 09:41 AM

Saw you had no response, I'm not an expert by any means, just did some googling.

Looks like 30g per puffer is about normal for greens. As far as SG, I'll quote a site:

"First of all, they are NOT in any way fresh water fish and cannot be acclimated to fresh water long term! They will die after a year or two. They should live 20 years! They are high end brackish water or marine fish. They can start in low end brackish (sg. 1.005) but need to be raised to around sg. 1.010 by the time they are 3" and sg. 1.015+ by the time they are 6". I would recommend a bit higher though."
Source: Green Puffer Profile, with care, maintenance requirements and breeding information for your tropical fish


"I suggest keeping GSPs at low-end BW when juvenile <2", (in a specific gravity, or SG of 1.005-08), at 2-4", medium BW (SG 1.010-15) and adult >4" SW (SG 1.018-22)."


Brad.Sedore 01-13-2009 04:32 PM

i know first hand that they are in no way a fresh water fish... can someone help me on what brackish requires... just the higher salinity.. or is it a whole nother world?


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