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FastFly67 02-28-2009 01:38 PM

got a free tank but would like to reseal it
it's been sitting for quite a while so i'd like to resilicone it before even attempting to put water in it. figure i'd clean it, razor blade off the old stuff, reseal it. do i need to clamp it? will i have to remove the trim? what type of silicone do i need to use? i scanned thru the DIY section but didn't see a write up. can anyone link me or give me some good tips?

jsoong 02-28-2009 09:54 PM

This is the resealing instruction:

If you are just redoing the inner seams, then you don't need clamps. <You only need to separate the glass panes & rebuild the tank if there is structural failure.>

You can leave the trims on if they are tight, if they are loose, may as well redo those as the same time.

Basic steps:
1. Remove old silicone seals by lifting it off the glass at the edges & cutting it off the outer seal <the silicone that is in between the glass>. I find a razor and a skew chisel worked best.
2. Clean off all traces of silicone from the glass - a scraper works well. try not to damage the outer seal.
3. Clean area with vinegar, let dry.
4. Use masking tape to mark off the seams so you have a nice clean edge.
5. Apply silicone - use 100% clear silicone without mildewcide or other additive - best to use a caulking gun & a steady hand.
6. Smooth & shape the seam with your finger - wear neoprene glove <non-textured finger tips>.
7. Remove masking tape while silicone is still wet - you have maybe 20 min.
8. Let it sit for a week to cure. <Read silicone instruction, some need longer.>
9. Test fill for leaks.

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