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KentCurtis 03-04-2009 11:45 AM

Need a new filter (canister)
Hey everyone. I have an old aquaclear 20 on my 20 gallon planted tank. I have been battling hair algae and fuzzy type algae on my plants for about a month now. I have a 2x24 watt t5ho fixture, pressurized co2, and dose EI. I am pretty positive I have those factors taken care of, but the flow fom the aquaclear 20 isnt cutting it. I am positive there are dead spots all over the tank (which i hope is why i am seeing this algae) because I never see plants really sway at all except the ones directly under the filter. I am looking at getting an Eheim Classic 2213 canister to replace it. I am completely new to these canisters, do they come with a spray bar or just an outlet pipe? If it doesn't come with one, do you guys recommend I buy a spray bar kit to put on it?

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