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Harry Gross 05-01-2009 10:46 AM

Repacement lighting possibilities
We have a 100gal...(plus 30(+or-)sump.( a hand-me-down rescue project).
It came with an antiquated ( 48" long)4 flourescent tube lighting system...complete with faulty ballist and all.
After having the ballist no small cost I'm discovering that theres all sorts of problems in the wiring system within the hood.
We are quite intrested in continueing to move forward with this rebuild by fixing lighting...and introducing coral/anenemy life....but not wanting to do the whole "buy stuff have it die " thing.
I vistit A/A every a.m. educating myself by all these wonderfull QandA threads....and have recently read somethings about these smaller flourescent lights inside of (12-16") domes.
Heres the question..( I know>>"FINALLY"..huh!?)....(snik)...:D
At a casual glance would/COULD say 3-4 of these type dome systems adequetly support a fairly diverse corallife situation inna 100gal tank????????Long Term???????????:confused::confused::confused::conf used::confused:

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