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juice28 05-27-2009 08:46 PM

Im having flow problems
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Now my problem came from a cyano bloom that just kinda popped up and I cant seem to shake it and the more I pick off the more it seems to spread. Im still learning but this one is giving me a headache...I am working on creating proper water flow in my tank. I have an emperor 400 and 2 small powerheads that cycle roughly 175 gallons a piece so thats 350 gal by pwrheads and 400ish with the emperor for a total of roughly 750gph that are moving, my water is correct, i dont have a test kit for nutrients and organic compounds I just have a basic nitrate/ite ph the basic 6 so I had my LFS test it and its fine, I do alot of small water changes and I feed my fish every other day sometimes longer. I have a pwrcmpt light 130 wats bulbs are less than a month old, 1 10k daylight and 1 actinic blue.

Now I am thinking I need more movement in the tank but Im not sure as to how much or where I should put them. The general rules of thumb I read and hear about really dont apply to my tank because of its shape(I found this out the hard way..) I have a couple pics of the tank so you can get an Idea of what I am working with.the first pic is looking down in the tank & the second is a side shot of the tank

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