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ChelseazFishiez 10-05-2009 09:42 PM

Water temperature heeellpp!!!~~
:confused:Hi, well I hav a nano aq. (10 gallon)with 2 ocelaris clown fish. and the weather is gettting cold, and I keep the lgihts on all the time when i'm awake, then turn them off at bed time (cuzz it's in my room and it seems like the lgihts are on :() Well so, I've realized the temperature gets really cold in the aquarium over night.. It's like 23 degrees celcius... So I put a blanket and a pillown over my aquarium and woke up next morning to find the temp. 23 degreeese celcius, and my fish where PALE in the front of its face then reddish where the whitness ends..... I have a heater, but the black dots on it rubs off.. I'm scared it might spread into my water and cause MOJR ammonia... My mom is going to buy me a new heater, but I dunno what to do to keep them warm meanwhile

thominil 10-05-2009 09:49 PM

If the black dots on the heater are like paint kind of, you should be fine using it. I use a cheap petsmart heater and the decals fall off all the time and don't affect a thing. They will settle at the bottom of the tank and get mixed into the sand.

match55 10-05-2009 10:18 PM

23C is really cool OoO
73F !!! u just have to wait for that heater?
ask your mom to go petsmart or petco or any LFS now to get a cheap heater.
tell her if she doesn't get it now u gonna lose your love clownfishes which porbably more expensive than a heater...
in the meanwhile feed a little more to your fish, so they have more energy, just a little bit.
and pray for them, hope them they can stay one more night, temp get much lower at 4am~6am.
if u can't get the heater tonight, maybe keep the light on for just tonight?

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