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01-18-2004 04:36 PM

Invert food - Tullock's view
In his highly regarded book, Natural Reef Aquariums, Mr. Tullock seems to say (at pages 269-270) that invert foods are at best unnecessary and at worst tank pollutants.

I assume he means things like MicroVert, Phytoplex, Zooplex, MarineSnow, etc.

Am I interpreting what he says correctly and, if so, what do you think about his view?

reefrunner69 01-18-2004 04:58 PM


Am I interpreting what he says correctly and, if so, what do you think about his view?
Yes you are, and I agree. Look at the ingredients on most of the food you mention and you will see most are pollution in a bottle. Even live phytoplankton does little (if anything) for your corals, it does however feed the microfauna in our systems that will (to some degree) feed our corals.

jamal-188 01-18-2004 05:06 PM

So how do you recommend feeding corals? I have noticed an increase in algae since I started using DT's in my tank.

reefrunner69 01-18-2004 05:12 PM

I simply feed the entire tank blender mush and I feed that sparingly, I only feed every couple of days.

jackdp 01-18-2004 05:30 PM

I feed mainly frozen community food, frozen plankton, and some other frozen fish products. I only have a finger leather, a cabbage leather, and some polyps and mushrooms, but I do see the finger and the polyps catching smaller pieces of the food and taking them in. I also feed Kent's Zooplex, it is a suspension of some kind of aquacultured zooplankton like rotifers or something, when I dose this I also see the corals taking it in as well as the fish, it drives the fish crazy trying to catch all the little things. I'll also toss this link out there, its an article by Eric Borneman from "Reefkeeping" In it he discuss various foods for corals and reefs in general, there are like 7 parts to the series and he links to them near the end of this article. Just some more interesting reading.

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