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Maxkolbe 01-09-2012 09:21 PM

Is my cichlid sick!
Hey everyone. Awhile ago as many of you know I lost my blue ahli to an unknown disease that he had when I got him. I believe it had something to do with his mouth. Now my normally active cobalt blue zebra is hiding and not eating much, something I observed in the Ahli. I'm wondering if there are any common mouth problems that Malawi cichlids can have.

His lips look larger on one side and he seems to be frowning. We just finished treating our yellow lab so I think I will isolate and treat with melafix, does this sound like a good strategy? I also heard you can add aquarium salt and raise the temperature, how high should I raise it? Lastly if this is an internal parasite or problem how should I treat that?

He eats spiraling enhanced flakes, shrimp pellets and cichlid pellets if that helps and he is the tank boss so I don't think he is being stressed.

Any and all advice is appreciated since I am not the best at treating sick fish and really don't want to lose him.

Maxkolbe 01-09-2012 09:43 PM

Here's some more info- his tank is sixty gallons kept with two other zebras, 1 feather fin, 1BN Pleco

Once again please help, I really don't want to lose this fish!

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